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Feb. 20, 2019 — ODU is operating on a two-hour delay due to the weather. Classes will begin at 10 a.m., and University offices will also open at this time. 

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Theresea Varrasso

Political Science and History


Newark, Ohio

  • President of Student Senate
  • Vice President of Panther Activities Council
  • Honors Program Class Representative
  • WritePlace Tutor
  • President's Society
  • Orientation Assistant
  • Student of the Week

Why did you choose to attend Ohio Dominican University?
I chose to attend Ohio Dominican due to the strong academics, the small, inviting community, and the university's perfect location just outside downtown Columbus. Another inviting part of the university was the family tradition—my mother attended ODU twice, and I have had the honor of being taught by the same amazing professor who taught her.

How do you stay involved at ODU?
I stay involved on campus through multiple leadership roles, such as my positions as Student Senate President and P.A.C. Vice President. By participating in these organizations, I have gained leadership skills and, most importantly, enhanced my values such as teamwork, compromise and respect. 

What is your most memorable moment at ODU?
I have made many memories at ODU, but the one that resonates with me the most was when I was able to present Dr. Anne Crimmings, a now retired psychology professor, with the Conley Award, which is given to an outstanding professor based on student votes. Dr. Crimmings taught my mother during her undergraduate years, so I grew up hearing multiple stories about how Dr. Crimmings impacted my mother's education and life. Meeting Dr. Crimmings as a young undergrad, I felt truly blessed to have finally met the legendary woman who changed my mom's life. To present her with that award was a special moment that marked the family traditions and the Dominican spirit that will always be a part of what makes ODU special.

What do you want to do after graduation?
After graduation in 2018, my goal is to find a job with the government or a nonprofit organization to better the community. If not, I have considered joining AmeriCorps or other service organizations while I am still young with few ties.

What is one unique experience you’ve had at ODU that has helped you grow personally, professionally and/or spiritually?
Working at the WritePlace as a tutor has allowed me to grow personally in a variety of ways. The students who come in have such diverse backgrounds and unique stories that come alive in their writing, so I have gained an appreciation for the individual and humanity; in addition, I have gained a deeper appreciation for serving others, especially in an academic way, which I never put much thought to in the past.

Share an example or story of how you discovered your passion at ODU.
I discovered my passion for serving others at ODU by being a tutor, a leader and a friend. Students who are having trouble with a paper, fellow organization members with a problem to solve, or a friend who needs a listening ear are all people who need some help. By being that person, I have learned that I want to live my life for others, not just myself.

Why are you proud to be an ODU student?
I am proud to be an ODU student because attending this university is not just about going to class and turning in assignments. At ODU, each student is challenged to be excellent in a variety of ways—academically, spiritually, etc. We each receive phenomenal guidance by faculty, staff and friends, which proves that ODU is a community that cares about the individual, not the numbers. ODU also shapes us into people who live their lives to serve others in a multitude of ways, most especially through the gifts given to us as individuals. This makes me proud to be a Panther because it means we will all "set the world on fire," as Saint Catherine of Siena said, throughout our lives due to this teaching.