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Interested in working in the ODU Library? We have a variety of positions for students who are work-study eligible
If you have any questions, contact the Circulation Desk at circulation@ohiodominican.edu or (614) 251-4752.

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Position Descriptions

  • Circulation Student Assistant
    Accepting Applications? Yes

    Job Description
    • checking out and checking in library items
    • shelving items, shelf reading, and shifting books on shelves
    • receiving payment of fines/charges
    • retrieving items from shelves and preparing items for shipping
    • special projects
    • other general office/library-type activities
    • works well in a team environment
    • able to interact tactfully and efficiently with community
    • excellent communication skills, dependable
    • ability to lift 25 lbs. or more

    Cindi Stewart
    (614) 251-4749
  • Collections Student Assistant
    Accepting Applications? Yes

    Job Description
    • Assists Collections and Interlibrary Loan Coordinator
    • Assists with collection development and collection analysis projects
    • Assists with shelf-reading and inventory of various library collections
    • Assists with stack & collection maintenance/tasks
    • Assists with Interlibrary Loan processes
    • Other clerical duties as assigned
    • Analytical and shrewd
    • A cross between a “big picture thinker” and “detail-oriented”
    • Comfortable with computers (or a committed aspiration to learn)
    • Agreeable communication skills 
    • Steadfast in work ethic
    • Comprehends and abides by discretion and confidentiality
    • Ability to lift 25 lbs. or more

    Jim Layden
    (614) 251-4755
  • Technical Services Student Assistant

    Accepting Applications? No

    Job Description:

    • processing library materials - stamping, labeling, etc.
    • update records in library catalog
    • other projects/duties as assigned


    • dependable
    • detail-oriented
    • very organized and methodical
    • able to quickly learn new computer programs
    • excellent communication skills
    • ability to lift 25 lbs. or more


    Sue Dillon
    (614) 251-4757

  • Reference & Instruction Services Student Assistant
    Accepting Applications? NO

    Job Description:
    • shelve, shift, & shelf-read reference materials as needed
    • work in Word & Excel with assessment data
    • perform routine link checking to assist in maintenance of library webpages
    • search in library catalogs and/or databases as needed
    • work on various projects in Reference & Instruction Services
    • comfortable with computers
    • detail-oriented
    • dependable
    • excellent communication skills
    • comfortable with learning new skills
    • ability and willing to stay focused on repetitive, detailed work


    Christina Bonner
    (614) 251-4585