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ODU instructors may assign supplement coursework such as books, articles, or videos. Students can check out physical copies or view them online.

For Students

Search reserve items by course name or number or by professor or instructor name.

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  • What are reserves?
    Reserve materials are books, copies of journal articles and book chapters, or audiovisual items an instructor places on reserve to supplement assigned coursework.

    The loan period for reserve items is restricted according to the instructor's preference to ensure availability to the entire class. Loan periods can range from two hours to 2 weeks.
  • Who may borrow reserve materials?
    Anyone with a valid ODU ID card may borrow reserve items.
  • How do I find reserve materials?

    Reserve materials can be found by searching by Course Name or Number or by Professor, Lecturer or Instructor Name.

    You can search here for reserve materials.

  • Where are reserve materials located?
    Reserve materials are located on the 3rd/Top floor of Spangler Learning Center. Ask for them at the front desk.
  • Can reserve items be copied, and if so, where can I make copies?

    The Copyright Act enables anyone to photocopy copyrighted works without securing permission from the copyright owner when the photocopying amounts to a “fair use” of the material (17 U.S.C. Section 107). It is the responsibility of the person doing any photocopying to first assess whether that photocopying would be fair use of the material. Learn more about Fair Use here. 

    Photocopiers/Scanners are located on the top floor of the library. 

  • What are the loan periods and fines for reserve materials?
    • 2-hour and 4-hour reserve materials are due two or four hours from the time of check-out and may not be taken out of the Library. A ten-cent ($.10) fine is charged per hour for each 2-hour and 4-hour reserve material returned late.
    • 1-day reserve materials are due 24 hours from the time of check-out. A one-dollar ($1.00) fine is charged per day for each 1-day reserve material returned late.
    • 3-day reserve materials are due 72 hours from the time of check-out. A one-dollar ($1.00) fine is charged per day for each 3-day reserve material returned late.
    • 1-week reserve materials are due 7 days from the time of check-out. A one-dollar ($1.00) fine is charged per day for each 1-week reserve material returned late.
    • 2-week reserve materials are due 14 days from the time of check-out. A one-dollar ($1.00) fine is charged per day for each 2-week reserve material returned late.

For Faculty

To place items on reserve, you will need to fill out and sign our request form:

Course Reserves Request Form