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This guide will point you to many key resources in theology.
If you need help with your research, ask a librarian.


Search library databases for journal, magazine, and newspaper articles, case studies, editorials, reports, reviews, and other documents. The following databases are recommended for research in theology.  

To select the database(s) most suited to your needs, click on DatabaseInfoIcon to read more information about each database. 

Most Frequently Used Databases for Theology

Visit Databases for Theology for additional databases, or view all database options available through ODU Library. You may also find the following search engines useful:

Or choose other databases from the Library's Databases page

Help Using the Databases 

Reference Resources 

Theology Reference- Select Works

Select from the following reference works to find in-depth definitions, background information, commentary on scripture, and more:

Almanacs  Commentaries-NT  Dictionaries of the Bible  Encyclopedias 
Atlases  Commentaries-OT  Dictionaries of Catholicism  Handbooks 
Bibles  Commentaries (1-vol.)  Dictionaries of Christianity  Handbooks-Catholicism 
Bibliographies  Concordances  Dictionaries of Language  NT and OT Abstracts 

Online theology reference resources are available at Quick Reference: Theology Resources.

Books and Ebooks

Library Catalogs

Where to Browse in the Library

Books and other materials can be found in ODU Library's Reference Stacks, Reference Atlases, and Main Stacks in the following ranges of the Dewey Decimal System: 200s (theology) and 900s (history). A select list of the 200s follows: 

  • 203 - Religion and ethics
  • 220s - Bible, biblical commentaries, bible dictionaries/encyclopedias, concordances
  • 220.9s - Biblical archaeology
  • 221s - Old Testament
  • 225s - New Testament
  • 230s - Christian faith, doctrine
  • 241s - Christian ethics
  • 248s - Christian spirituality
  • 261s - Catholic social thought
  • 262s - Papacy and Vatican documents
  • 270s - Church history
  • 282s - Catholicism
  • 296s - Judaism
  • 291s - Religion and mythology

More explanation of the 200s in the Dewey Decimal System is available.

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Browse or Search for Theology Journals


Web Sites 

Visit the following sites for authoritative information on Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, and other religions, as well as church history, ancient history, biblical archaeology, and biblical resources.

Ancient History

Archaeology, Atlases, and the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Bible Online

Biblical Resources

Church Documents Online

Church History

Dictionaries, Concordances, Statistics, and other Reference Resources

Gateways to Information in Religion and Theology on the Web


Primary Texts: A Selection

Primary Texts and Additional Information

Periodicals Web Sites


Roman Catholicism

Catholic News

Primary Texts: A Selection

Additional Resources 

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