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As Ohio Dominican prepares to resume on-campus learning during the fall 2020 semester, this webpage was developed to share information and campus resources with students and their families regarding the university’s response to COVID-19 to help them prepare for a safe and successful academic year.

The policies and procedures shared on this page support our Culture of Care, as they are rooted in the safety, health and well-being for our students, faculty, staff and visitors. They align with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and Ohio Department of Health’s Responsible Restart Ohio regulations and guidelines, and are subject to change.

ODU’s return to campus strategy is guided by five core strategies:


Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

Health Monitoring

Personal Safety Practices

Classroom & Workplace Guidelines

Protecting our Community


Do you have any questions, concerns or ideas about fall semester?

We invite you to submit them at ODURising@ohiodominican.edu.

Watch a special Student Town Hall that was held recently to answer your questions about returning to campus!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

University Operations

Will Ohio Dominican be open this fall?
Yes, we will be open this fall. Staff have returned to work on campus and are preparing for the fall 2020 semester.
What is ODU doing to keep students, faculty and staff safe?
A number of steps are being taken to ensure the health of our campus community. Hand sanitizing stations will be installed in high-traffic areas across campus. These stations will be checked throughout the day to ensure they are filled. You also will notice signage that encourages social distancing, as well as directional signage to help reduce the instances in which you come into direct contact with other members of our community. For example, certain doors will be labeled as either “entrance only” or “exit only”, and stairwells will be identified as being either up or down stairs only. Cleaning supplies will also be located near high-touch surfaces, such as copiers and printers. All ODU employees are being encouraged to check for symptoms of COVID-19 before coming to campus. If an employee shows any symptoms whatsoever, they have been instructed to remain home.
Will I be required to wear a face mask?
To ensure the health and safety of all members of our campus community, all students, faculty, staff and visitors will be required to wear a face covering when on campus. The only exceptions are when students are in their personal rooms, or staff and faculty when they are in their offices and not in the immediate presence of others.
Will campus offices be staffed in the fall?
The majority of campus offices are currently staffed, and they will remain staffed during normal hours of operation throughout the fall. There may be a very small number of offices that will continue to operate remotely. Those offices will post contact information outside of their office so students and visitors know how to contact those staff members remotely.

Academics & Admission

Is ODU still accepting students for this fall?
Yes, we still are accepting students. If you’re interested in joining our fall incoming class, you can apply now at ohiodominican.edu/ApplyNow.
Will classes take place on campus or online?
We anticipate offering the majority of our undergraduate classes on campus and in person this fall. While some classes will be online only, they all have been developed to be delivered online as well. We are currently installing technology in dozens of classrooms to allow us the option of dividing in-person classes in half to enhance physical distancing if necessary. As an example, one half of the class may attend in person while another half attends online, and vice versa the next class meeting time. Some smaller classes may not require this approach however. We anticipate that all of our classrooms will be able to accommodate classes while also allowing for safe social distancing.
What if I’m not yet ready to attend class in person?
While we are confident that the measures we are taking will help to keep our community healthy and safe, students who are not yet ready or comfortable to attend class in person will have the option to participate in class remotely in most cases. In some cases, for example certain science labs, students will have to be present on campus.

Will I still be able to access tutoring services?
Yes, you will still be able to receiving tutoring services from ODU’s Academic Resource Center in person or online.

What Library services will be available this fall?
For information about Library services, click here.

Can I expect any changes to ODU’s academic calendar?
Yes. ODU has canceled Fall Break, which was scheduled to take place Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 12-13, and has extended Thanksgiving Break by two days. In addition, Thanksgiving Break will mark the conclusion of undergraduate classes occurring on campus, with the last day of on-campus instruction being Friday, Nov. 20. Following Thanksgiving, both the last week of instruction and finals week will be conducted exclusively online. Once students leave campus for Thanksgiving Break, they will not return to campus until the beginning of the spring 2021 semester, which is scheduled to begin Jan. 11, 2021. Click here to read more.

Questions Specific to COVID-19

What if I don’t feel well at any point during the semester?
Students who experience any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should contact their primary care provider or the Wellness Center to schedule a telehealth appointment with Health Services staff for evaluation of symptoms. To contact ODU’s Wellness Center, email wellnesscenter@ohiodominican.edu or call 614-251-4570. Due to the current state of COVID-19, Health Services or Counseling staff will not be able to accommodate walk-in visitors. Commuting students are encouraged not to come to campus if they are feeling ill or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. If a student arrives on campus and feels ill, they should contact the Wellness Center to notify them, if possible, but should leave campus and head home and contact their primary care provider immediately. Once tested, whether positive or negative, students may choose to go home to self-quarantine or return to campus. Student must self-isolate and access classes online for 14 days.
What if I am considered to be high risk for COVID-19?
Students whose health condition falls within one of the CDC High Risk Categories, or is pregnant, and/or caring for or living with people who need to take extra precautions, may request classroom accommodations. Students should email Academic Affairs or the Dean of Students with any questions.

Residence Life, Food Service & Move-In Options

What is ODU doing to keep residential students safe?
Fortunately, the vast majority of our residence halls utilize a suite-style format, so you’ll be living with no more than three additional students. Also, each suite has access to their own private restroom. This setup will help to limit interaction with other residents. In addition, we are working with our housekeeping partner, Sodexo, to ensure all residence halls are regularly cleaned and sanitized.
Will ODU’s dining hall and other dining options be available?
Yes. You will still be able to get your meals either in Hamilton Dining Hall or the Griffin Student Center Deli. Hamilton Hall will only be able to accommodate seating for up to 100 people at a time and there will be no self-service, so there will be an emphasis on carryout and online ordering this year. The Grill will not reopen; however, some Grill items will be available at the other venues. These plans are still being finalized.
What will the move-in process be like in the fall?
Residential students are scheduled to move into the halls between July 30 - August 16. To help limit interaction between new students and their families during Move-In Day, the process will take place by appointment only and will begin with fall student-athletes. The Office of Residence Life will contact you about the contactless move-in process so that you and your families can schedule your move-in date and time. If you have any questions, you are invited to contact them at reslife@ohiodominican.edu or 614-251-4718.
Will I be required to wear a facemask or socially distance while in the residence halls?
While face coverings will be required in all public and common areas on campus, you will not be expected to wear a face covering while in your suite. However, you will be asked to wear one while walking down the hall or when in the shared restrooms in Sansbury Hall. We also ask you to do your best to stay 6’ away from others, even within your suite. Stairwells in each building will be designated either “up” or “down,” and elevator capacity will have limits posted. In addition, furniture will be arranged in lounges and other common spaces to encourage social distancing. Laundry rooms will remain open as you are encouraged to wash cloth face coverings after each use (so please bring plenty of options). We encourage you to wipe down all surfaces before and after use in any common areas with hard surfaces, buttons, or handles you may touch.
Will I be permitted to have guests in my room?
To help ensure the health and safety of all residential students, there will be no guests permitted inside the residence halls. This includes family and non-residential ODU students. Any guests who desire to visit you must remain outside or meet with you in large open areas such as the Griffin Student Center.
If you would like to request approval for a guest to enter the building, you will need to coordinate with a Residence Life professional staff member at least 48 hours in advance to make that request. If Franklin County risk levels are reduced to Level 1 (https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/public-health-advisory-system/) during the semester, this policy may be reviewed and adjusted. If you do not live in a building, you will not be permitted to enter it.
Will my room be configured differently to help adhere to physical distancing?
Most rooms and occupancy levels in our residence halls will remain the same as they have been in the past. In rooms where there is more than one student assigned, the furniture will be arranged in a layout to help provide as much space as possible between residents while they are sleeping. We will encourage you to leave the furniture configured in this way, and to not bring additional furniture or large items to help maintain this layout.
How can I visit with my Resident Assistant?
RAs will still be building community and getting to know you. They will visit you virtually, setting up times to interact on Microsoft Teams or Zoom instead of just stopping by your room. We know this will be quite the adjustment and so we hope you will share ideas for fun things we can do to build a community while trying not to breathe, cough or sneeze on each other!
How often will my room be cleaned?
Facilities and Housekeeping staff have been putting together enhanced cleaning plans, which include having community bathrooms cleaned once a day and sanitized twice a day. We encourage you to bring a good supply of your own sanitizing spray and/or wipes to wipe down commonly touched spaces in your room, especially areas like your door handle and/or light switch. For those in suite-style halls, where you are responsible for cleaning your own bathrooms and living areas, we will encourage you to wipe down the frequently touched surfaces every day with sanitizing products. Some cleaning and sanitizing products will be available at the front desks.
Am I permitted to leave campus?
As you know, the academic calendar for the fall has been adjusted to remove fall break and extend Thanksgiving break. Most students will leave for the semester between Nov. 19-22 to complete their fall classes remotely. During the semester, we highly encourage students not to leave campus during the weekends as every interaction with other individuals and communities increases the exposure possibility for all students on campus.  
What happens if a student becomes sick?
If a student reports symptoms of COVID19, staff from Residence Life and the Wellness Center will work with them to have a test done at a local testing facility. If that test comes back positive, the student will be required to self-isolate for at least 14 days, and any students that were in close contact with the student will be asked to quarantine for 14 days. If these students choose to stay on campus, we have set aside a few suites to use for self-isolation and quarantine. During this time, students will be able to complete all course requirements remotely, and meals will be delivered by Dining Services and Residence Life staff.
What if I am having second thoughts about living on campus?
We realize some of you might be wondering if living on campus this year is right for you. We know some families have had financial changes and, for some students, their own health or the health of family members is a concern. If you’re thinking you may want to live at home this fall (or in an off-campus apartment as a junior or senior not receiving athletic aid), please contact the Office of Residence Life at reslife@ohiodominican.edu to discuss your situation and concerns. If your family lives slightly further than the 40-mile radius from campus, there will be some flexibility with the commuting distance. We need to hear from you on your plans. Please be aware that making a change to your residency may have an impact on your financial aid, including your eligibility for athletic aid.

Student Involvement, Organizations & Athletics

Will clubs, activities and events still be available on campus?
We know that a major component of ODU’s vibrant campus are the dozens of clubs and hundreds of activities and events that are available on campus throughout the semester. At this point, we are not yet sure what impact COVID-19 will have on these events, but we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure you have a fun, exciting and successful year at Ohio Dominican.
I’m a student-athlete. Will I be able to practice and compete with my teammates this fall?
For the latest information regarding athletics at Ohio Dominican, visit ohiodominicanpanthers.com or contact your coach.



Additional Campus Resources