Live a Life on Purpose

The Life on Purpose Program at ODU connects you with the people and experiences needed for academic, career and personal success. You'll identify your interests and connect with ways to live a life with purpose... on purpose.

How the Life on Purpose Program Fits Into Your ODU Experience

Discovering Your Purpose - a four-part Venn diagram. Top circle: You love it. Right circle: The world needs it. Bottom circle: You are paid for it. Left circle: You are great at it. Intersections: Top-right: Mission. Bottom-right: Vocation. Top left: Passion. Bottom-left: Profession. In the middle is a gold square containing a white star. Outside the diagram is the same gold box containing a white star above the word: PURPOSE (in all caps).

Throughout your ODU education, we focus on four key areas that align with each year of study.

  • Year 1 — Focus on understanding what Panther life is all about and feeling at home living the Four Pillars of Dominican Life at ODU.
  • Year 2 — Focus on vocation and helping to identify what makes you tick. You’ll learn how to connect your talents with what the world needs. 
  • Year 3 — Focus on internships, co-ops, research, retreats, study abroad and more to give you relevant experiences and opportunities. 
  • Year 4 — Focus on combining your education and experience to secure a rewarding career and live a life of service.

What is a Life on Purpose Event? Examples Include:

  • Convocation
  • Dominican Saint Lectures
  • Entrepreneurship Speaker Series Event
  • Career Fairs
  • Service Projects
  • Volunteer Opportunities
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Life on Purpose | Ohio Dominican University

What does living a Life on Purpose mean to you? Tell us!

ODU developed the Life on Purpose Program to connect students with the people, resources and experiences they need for academic success, career preparedness and individual transformation. Thank you for taking a moment to complete the below form and let us know what living a life on purpose means to you!

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