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Sunbury Road is currently closed to traffic in both directions at Woodward Avenue as the Franklin County Engineer's Office completes extensive bridge repair work on the south end of campus. The project began Aug. 1 and is expected to last until November 2022. If you access campus from the north via Sunbury Road, you will not be impacted.

During this time, individuals who access campus from the south will need to take the following detour to and from campus:

From Leonard Avenue / Airport Drive to campus:

  1. Take Leonard Road to Brentnell Avenue
  2. North on Brentnell Avenue to Holt Avenue
  3. East on Holt Avenue to Sunbury Road
  4. South on Sunbury Road to ODU

From campus to Leonard Avenue / Airport Drive:

  1. Take Sunbury Road north to Holt Avenue
  2. West on Holt Avenue to Brentnell Avenue
  3. South on Brentnell Avenue to Leonard Road
  4. East on Leonard Avenue to Sunbury Road / Airport Drive

Please note this work is being completed by the Franklin County Engineer’s Office, and it is not being conducted by, nor was it planned by the university.

We will provide additional updates on this project as they become available. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Sunbury Road Detour Map