ODU's major in Risk Management & Insurance is driven by a gap between projected job openings in the insurance industry and the expected pool of skilled and talented workers to fill them.

Ohio has 250 insurance companies employing more than 100,000 people with an average annual salary above $50,000, according to the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services. 

And the Ohio insurance industry will need 29,000 skilled workers by 2025, according to a recent study. Graduates of ODU's Insurance & Risk Management program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of insurance contracts and provisions, and the features of property-liability insurance, life and health insurance, and employee benefit plans.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the operation and management of insurance entities, and the economic implications of organizational design and structure.
  • Develop skills to facilitate insurance product cost and pricing, marketing, and distribution.
  • Develop practical skills through professional development seminars, internships, and/or a practicums in insurance and risk management.
  • Examine the role of public policy including social insurance in personal financial planning and risk management.


Career opportunities with a degree in Risk Management & Insurance include:

  • Risk manager
  • Compliance officer
  • Claims manager
  • Actuary
  • Loss control consultant

For holders of a certificate in Risk Management & Insurance , companies need to fill a variety of jobs, including those in claims, finance, accounting and underwriting.

An RMI certificate will help make you an attractive candidate either for promotion or as a new employee in this expanding industry.

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