Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology

Degree & Course Requirements

Biopsychology is the study of the biological basis of behavior in humans and animals.

Degree offered:
  • Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology
See also: Biopsychology graduates commonly find work in academic, government, or industrial research, or university teaching. Graduates of a Biopsychology program are uniquely prepared to enter graduate programs in neuroscience, health psychology, and animal behavior. 

Depending on elective selections, graduates can also explore careers as laboratory technicians and research assistants in the health field, neuroscience, or wildlife management, as well as other animal behavior specialties.

With a few additional courses, Biopsychology can be an excellent path for pre-nursing, pre-med, or pre-vet students. 

Since Biopsychology is an interdisciplinary major between the Biology and the Psychology departments, Biopsychology majors cannot have Biology or Psychology as a second major or as a minor.

Also, Psychology cannot be used to fulfill the Social Science general requirement.


Download Program Guide

Includes a program overview, sample semester plan and program course requirements.

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