Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Outcomes & Careers

Graduates of ODU's Political Science program will be prepared for rewarding careers as professors and teachers, lawyers, civil servants, public administrators, policy analysts, diplomats, business leaders and more.

Political Science students are provided with a knowledge of politics – national and international – government, and law.

Students will understand:
  • Governmental structure.
  • Process and issues of politics in the United States.
  • Legal theory and constitutional jurisprudence.
  • International system, regional and global.
  • Theoretical, philosophical and historical forces that create and destroy human and social relationships.
Students will learn the skills necessary for the study of political science and for success in college, advanced study and professional employment.

Students will be able to:
  • Read and write critically about the subjects of politics.
  • Research, organize and present coherent arguments.
  • Think critically as a student and a citizen.
  • Judge and evaluate political claims.
  • Analyze and synthesize intellectual material.
Students will acquire an appreciation of self, humanity and the inter-connectedness of human beings with each other and with the environment.

Students will develop an appreciation of the:
  • Life of the mind.
  • Requirements of community.
  • Material and spiritual requirements of personal and communal freedom.
  • General/particular and inductive/deductive levels of discourse.
  • Oneself and of human freedom as the source of personal and social effectiveness.
In addition to being prepared for further study in law or graduate school, students will be prepared for careers in:
  • Federal, state and local government
  • Public policy and private interests groups
  • Businesses and corporations
  • Regional, transnational and international organizations
  • Campaign management
  • Journalism
  • High school and college teaching
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