Course offerings listed below may vary from year to year based on course availability. For the most up-to-date courses, course requirements and descriptions, always refer to the current University Catalog. View the current Catalog here.


ACT 430 - Auditing &Assurance Services
3 Credits

An introduction to auditing and other assurance services to assist students in understanding audit decision making and evidence accumulation in today’s complex auditing environment. Emphasis is placed on internal control policies, generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS), audit sampling, accumulation of audit evidence, and substantive tests of controls and transactions.

Prerequisite: ACT 320 with a minimum grade of C-; or permission of instructor and division chairperson.

BUS 345 - Business & Employment Law
2 Credits
Introduction to the American legal system, dispute reconciliation, and functions of the law emphasizing employment law issues to include employee rights, equal opportunity employment, compensation matters, and emerging legal issues in personnel administration. 

Prerequisite: BUS 343. Not open to students with Credit in BUS 250.

PHL 109 - Issues in Philosophy
3 Credits
An introductory course that examines the works of representative philosophers through the ages and their responses to some perennial issues. Includes topics such as faith and reason, theories of knowledge, and ethical behavior. 

Not open to students enrolled in or with Credit in PHL 110.

PHL 110 - Wisdom & the Web
3 Credits
An introductory course that examines periods in the history of philosophy, various philosophical movements, important philosophers, and key philosophical ideas in Western philosophy. All content for the course will be drawn from the Internet. 

Not open to students enrolled in or with Credit in PHL 109.

PHL 206 - Philosophy of the Person
3 Credits
An examination of traditional approaches to the study of human nature. Includes an analysis of major figures from the history of philosophy as well as an analysis of contemporary approaches present in Christian personalism.

PHL 242 - Applied Ethics
3 Credits
An examination of ethical principles and their application to ethical issues. Specific areas of application announced when the course is offered. 

Prerequisites: For two-Credit sections, one prior PHL course other than PHL 101.

PHL 243 - Bioethics
3 Credits
An examination of ethical principles and their applications to ethical issues in medicine, health care, and biological sciences. 

Not open to students with Credit in PHL 348B.


POL 279A - CORE: Environmental Values & Policymaking
3 Credits

This course explores how the “common good” might be considered a way of judging government’s actions with respect to the natural environment. Some environmentalists wonder if conventional thinking—even democracy itself—is up to the challenge.

Course will illustrate real-world technical complexities and uncertainties, and the existence of competing worthy (and costly) common objectives besides environmental protection, stand in the way of any easy solutions to environmental problems. This course is necessarily interdisciplinary since neither nature nor policymaking is organized by academic departments.

Pre- or Co-requisite: ENG 102 or ENG 111. Not open to students with Credit in POL 258.

POL 379B - CORE: Peace & Justice: Catholic Social Teaching
3 Credits
The study of justice and peace through the application of the social teaching of the Catholic Church and the findings of social and political science. 

Prerequisite: CORE 179 or appropriate transfer status; ENG 102 or ENG 111. Not open to students who have completed POL/THL/SJU/PJU 278. This course partially fulfills the Social and Behavioral Science requirement.

THL 335 - Christian Morality
3 Credits
A consideration of the sources of the Christian moral life: scripture, theological reflection, law, and conscience. Application of basic principles to selected contemporary moral problems.

Prerequisite: One of the following courses: THL 106, THL 107, or THL 225.

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