Course offerings listed below may vary from year to year based on course availability. For the most up-to-date courses, course requirements and descriptions, always refer to the current University Catalog. View the current Catalog here.

EXSC 125 - Introduction to Exercise, Health & Nutrition
3 Credits
This course will examine the components that contribute to the concept of health and wellness. Theories and principles of health promotion and disease prevention on local, national, and international levels will be explored. Topics to be covered include health beliefs and behaviors, community health, Healthy People 2010, fitness, mental health, stress management, nutrition, disease prevention, drug usage, cultural differences, and health promotion. Content will be applied in education situations.

Not open to students with credit for PEH 125.

EXSC 241 - The Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries
3 Credits
A study of the prevention, care, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries related to physical education and sport. Includes practical experience both in the classroom and training room. 

Not open to student with credit in PEH 241.

SPM 140 - Sport Psychology
3 Credits
This course is an introduction to the application of psychological principles to sport settings. Topics of the course include sport motivation, sport leadership, sport anxiety management, teamwork, injury recovery, visualization, personality in sport, and peak performance. 

This course will not satisfy the social science core requirement. Not open to students with credit in PEH 140. 

SPM 249 - Theory & Practice in Coaching Athletics
3 Credits
A course designed to prepare a coach in the development of pre-season planning and conditioning, budgeting, purchasing, game plans, strategies, season units, motivation of the athlete, and team selection. 

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. Not open to students with credit in PEH 249.

SPM 300/A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/I/J/K/L/M/N - Sport Coaching
3 Credits

This course is focused on learning the pedagogy, skill progressions, technical and tactical strategies, and general rules of a particular sport. Sports that are offered include coaching: football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, track and field, soccer, softball, tennis, wrestling, field hockey, lacrosse, gymnastics, and swimming and diving. SPM 300 may be repeated up to 12 credits on different topics. 

Prerequisite: SPM 249.