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BUS 221 - International Marketing
3 Credits
This course focuses on theory and practice of marketing across international borders with an emphasis on the development of appropriate marketing strategies applicable to foreign socioeconomic and cultural environments. Case studies are utilized. 

Prerequisite: BUS 220.

ECN 340 - International Economics
3 Credits
Analysis of the principles and practices of foreign trade, mechanisms of international finance and balance of payments, survey of commercial treaties, world trade institutions and the forces of globalization. 

Prerequisite: ECN 205 or ECN 207-208. Not open to students with credit for ECN 240.

GEO 125 - World Geography
3 Credits
An introduction to the academic discipline of geography; a comprehensive study of representative world regions. Interdisciplinary in content (culture, history, politics, economics, etc.), geographic in focus. This course fulfills the diversity, global, and multicultural requirement.

HST 106 - World History I
3 Credits
A study of the World history from the dawn of civilization to the early modern period. Areas of focus include the Near East, China, India, Japan, sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, and the Americas. This course fulfills the diversity, global, and multicultural requirement.

HST 107 - World History II
3 Credits
A continuation of World history from 1500 to the present in terms of the political, cultural, social, scientific, and religious events that have produced the Modern World. Special emphasis will be given to the development of nation-states and their policies of imperialism, the scientific and technological revolution, political and social revolutions, World War, capitalism, and the emergence of the global economy. This course fulfills the diversity, global, and multicultural requirement.

IBA 301 - World Economic Resources & Business Sourcing
3 Credits
This course is a study of the geographic locations of major economic resources in the world and the strategies developed by international firms for accessing them, and the establishment and maintenance of supply network management. It explains the off-shore location decisions by the resource-oriented industries, market-oriented industries, and manufacturing firms. It emphasizes the strategic and tactical objectives of out-sourcing. Lectures are complemented with case studies. 

Prerequisite: ECN 205 or ECN 107-208 or any course in business administration.

IBA 305 - International Business Environments
3 Credits
This course examines the influences of economic, political, legal, and cultural environments on international business operations and management. Such factors as religion, beliefs, language, legal, and political factors that influence management decision-making and strategies for dealing with them are discussed. Other topics include ethical concerns and corporate social responsibility. Case studies will complement class discussions. 

Prerequisite: ECN 205 or ECN 207-208 or any course in business administration.

IBA 311 - International Accounting & Finance
3 Credits
This course provides the students with an understanding of international accounting and accounting standards, the operation and functions of the foreign exchange markets and the strategies for financial risk aversion. It also discusses the importance of global capital markets as a major source of financing for multinational enterprises. Other topics include capital mobility, the roles of hard currencies in cross-border trades and investments. 

Prerequisite: ACT 220.

POL 360 - Seminar: International Politics
3 Credits
Investigation of the major issues and concepts that inform world politics with special emphasis on developments since 1945; consideration of United States foreign policy and domestic political culture in light of World War II, the Shoah, the war in Vietnam; the development of international organization and international law. This course fulfills the diversity, global, and multicultural requirement.

SOC 379B - CORE: Global Ethnic Relations
3 Credits
This course seeks to empower students to become knowledgeable, caring, and active citizens in a diverse and often ethnically polarized world. The course examines multiple dimensions of global diversity (race, ethnicity, religion); common responses to differences including prejudice, discrimination, segregation, colonization, genocide and positive alternatives such as assimilation and egalitarian pluralism. We will examine ethnic relations in the U.S. and around the world through the lens of history. 

The course concludes with the ethical basis for seeking social justice via anti-discrimination work and strategies for dismantling discrimination and repairing strained ethnic divides at the individual, institutional, and societal levels. Students will have the opportunity to translate knowledge into action for social justice through a bridging cultures project.

Prerequisite: CORE 179 or appropriate transfer status; ENG 102 or ENG 111. This course fulfills the diversity, global, and multicultural requirement. This course partially fulfills the Social and Behavioral Science requirement. Not open to students with credit in SOC/SWK 346 or 279D.

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