Course offerings listed below may vary from year to year based on course availability. For the most up-to-date courses, course requirements and descriptions, always refer to the current University Catalog. View the current Catalog here.

BUS 240 - Management & Organizational Behavior
3 Credits
This course focuses on the role of the manager in contemporary business and explores behavioral science concepts and research directed toward understanding human behavior and management within organizations.

BUS 245 - Labor Relations
3 Credits
Human interrelationships within industry including formal and informal relationships among participants, labor-management-government relations, conflict and conflict resolutions. A study of the structure, development, and operation of present day unions and pertinent legislation; development and procedures of collective bargaining.

BUS 265 - Business Writing & Presentations
3 Credits
This course allows students to refine their business writing skills and to become better presenters in preparation for careers in business or a nonprofit setting. In an interactive, hands-on environment, students will practice writing proposals, executive summaries, business letters, persuasive emails, and presentations. Delivering effective business presentations will also be covered, along with practice and critique. This course is ideal for students who plan to lead people and departments, start their own businesses or want to be more effective communicators in the workplace. 

Prerequisite: ENG 102 or ENG 111.

BUS 279A - CORE: Leadership & the Common Good
3 Credits
This course integrates readings in the humanities, experiential exercises, video analysis, and case studies in the service of helping students develop their own unique leadership philosophy. Engagement in the course will strengthen students’ capacity to lead others. The transition from self-leadership to a consideration of community and the common good is explored. 

Prerequisite: CORE 179 or appropriate transfer status. Pre- or Co-requisite: ENG 102 or ENG 111.

BUS 301 - Conflict Resolution & Negotiation for Managers
3 Credits
This course will explore theories and models related to conflict resolution in management and interpersonal settings. Through role-playing activities students will practice and develop relevant skills and capabilities. The course will also explore theories related to developing the capacity and perspectives necessary to effectively negotiate under a variety of conditions.

BUS 305 - Non-Profit Management
3 Credits
This course focuses on the management of the non-profit, mission-based organization. Topics extend from issues around formation or start-up to an exploration of critical skills necessary to lead a thriving non-profit enterprise. The course will explore fundraising, grant writing, program development, communication and public relations, board relations, planning and budgeting, and mission-driven decision making.

BUS 315 - Gender & the Workplace
3 Credits
This course addresses the impact of gender on employment decisions, work teams, leadership, sexual harassment, workplace romance, career development, the glass ceiling, diversity, and work-family balance issues. Men and women are equally touched by gender bias; this course allows the student the opportunity to understand more fully how organizations, managers, and individuals can work to ensure that all people have fulfilling and productive careers, regardless of their gender. 

Prerequisites: BUS 240, or BUS 305 for non-business majors, and junior or senior status. This course partially fulfills the diversity, global, and multicultural requirement.

BUS 343 - Human Resource Management
3 Credits
This course provides a broad understanding of the complex role of the human resource management function. Special emphasis is placed on demographic, professional and workforce trends that shape human resource management in contemporary business. 

Prerequisite: BUS 240, or BUS 305 for non-business majors, and junior or senior status. Not open to students with Credit in BUS 243.

BUS 360 - Innovation & Entrepreneurship
3 Credits
This course examines creativity and innovation in existing businesses as well as in entrepreneurial ventures. The course will explore the structural and management variables that support creating and sustaining work environments that foster innovation. Finally, the course will explore the factors unique to the entrepreneurial start-up venture. 

Prerequisites: BUS 240 and junior or senior standing.

BUS 371 - Sales Force Management & Leadership
3 Credits
This course focuses on an examination of the common problems confronting the sales manager. Topics include recruiting, selecting, training and education, motivating, leadership and supervision, and compensation and evaluation. Emphasis is placed on the personal side of management throughout the course. 

Prerequisite: BUS 220.

BUS 373 - Managing the Diverse Workforce
3 Credits
Organizational leaders are now confronted with the challenge of how to effectively manage a workforce that is increasingly diverse. Implicit in this challenge is the recognition that qualified employees hail from a variety of cultural backgrounds or group identities. The expectation is that managers will have the interpersonal skills and abilities to successfully and positively interact with people who are different from themselves.

The purpose of this course is to examine how diversity affects interpersonal and intergroup interactions in organizations, to develop an understanding of what diversity means, and to explore contemporary organizational strategies for managing workplace diversity. This course partially fulfills the diversity, global, and multicultural requirement. 

Prerequisite: BUS 240, or BUS 305 for non-business majors, and junior or senior status.

BUS 460 - Contemporary Issues in Management
3 Credits
This course is designed as a seminar in order to introduce students to current trends and thinking in management. Shared readings will be selected to reflect advances in management thought along a number of fronts including such areas as measuring and improving performance, quality, change management, global management, and others.

Additionally, students will have an opportunity to conduct a significant research and/or applied project in their area of professional interest. For example—projects may focus on professional fields such as human resource management, entrepreneurial studies, family business, and others. 

Prerequisites: BUS 240; junior or senior status; and one of the following courses: BUS 305, 315, or 362.

BUS 496 - Advanced Readings & Topics in Management
3 Credits
A seminar course intended as a capstone learning experience. Students will read and discuss a personalized list (related to their core management interests and linked to their development plan) of “seminal” written works in management—some contemporary and others from the past. Students will complete a personalized learning project as a part of the course that is aligned with their career goals and that integrates learning from their program.

Finally, students will revisit the personal development plan created during BUS 201, reflect upon its contents, assess current progress, and draft modifications based on progress and emerging perspectives. 

ENV 279A - CORE: Applied Sustainability
3 Credits
What is sustainability? How is it addressed across a range of disciplines? How can we understand how to live sustainably, in community from the local to global perspective? An integrated approach will apply understanding and advances in architecture, business, chemistry, biology, education, psychology, and ecology to living sustainability in community with others and the environment. 

Prerequisite: CORE 179 or appropriate transfer status. Pre- or Co-requisite: ENG 102 or ENG 111. This course fulfills the science requirement for non-science majors. Not open to students with Credit in ENV 230.

PSY 350 - Psychology of Personality
3 Credits
An examination of major personality theories and current research on related psychological processes.

Prerequisites: PSY 100; junior standing.

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