Course offerings listed below may vary from year to year based on course availability. For the most up-to-date courses, course requirements and descriptions, always refer to the current University Catalog. View the current Catalog here.

MUS 122 - University Band
1 Credit
Participation in the University Band provides performance experience in a variety of styles and in many different situations, including concerts, ODU ceremonies, commencements, and sporting events. Music making will take place all year. 

MUS 123 - University Chorus
1 Credit
Ensemble experience dependent on enrollment and interest. Variety of musical styles performed and basic vocal techniques addressed. Performance at the end of each semester. 

MUS 124 - Individual Lessons
1 Credit
Private instruction in (a) piano, (b) voice, or (c) instrument. One lesson per week. Student minimum/maximum enrollment pending instructor availability. Possible Credit given for off-campus approved instruction. Fee. 

MUS 126 - Guitar Class
3 Credits
This course will serve as an introduction to playing the guitar, allowing the student to develop technical skills in playing the guitar as well as in reading music and chord charts. Students will be able to accompany themselves while singing and learn how to create music for both the guitar and the voice.

MUS 128 - Voice Class
3 Credits
This course is an introduction to singing, focusing on developing sound vocal techniques. The student will learn anatomy as related to singing, posture, breathing and breath support, resonance, and diction. A variety of songs will be learned including folk songs, rounds, songs from other countries, musical theatre, and classical art songs, including songs in Italian.

The student will learn the International Phonetic Alphabet as it relates to diction in singing. The student will also learn to read music, and sing in tune with correct rhythm. It is open to all levels of singers and does not require prior music knowledge or singing ability. 

MUS 181 - Music of the World
3 Credits
This course is an introduction to the musics of the people of the World by examining the place of music in distilling culture and its importance in the way of life of the people of that culture. This course fosters a lifelong curiosity and a desire to experience and appreciate music in all its forms.

The student will study the culture, instruments, musical elements, dominant attitude toward music creation and performance of each culture, while identifying the musical differences as well as the similarities between cultures. This course includes the study of music from Africa, Japan, India, Indonesia, and Native America. This course fulfills the diversity, global, and multicultural requirement.

MUS 184 - Popular Music in America
3 Credits
This course is an introduction to the roots and history of popular music in America from the 1830’s to the present, and will include an examination of such popular styles as Jazz, Swing, Minstrelsy, Tin Pan Alley, Rock, Country, Latin, Rap, and Hip Hop.

The student will gain an increased awareness of the heritage of popular music, an appreciation of its diversity, perceive the underlying kinship of its many diverse styles and influences, and become aware of its evolutionary momentum to becoming the dominant world-wide musical style of the twenty-first century. 

MUS 187 - Introduction to Western Art Music
3 Credits
This course is an introduction to the history and appreciation of Western art music. Musical works, musicians, and audiences will be studied in the context of culture, technology, and historical developments from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Students will be led to a deeper understanding of musical structure and a more precise musical vocabulary. They will learn how to listen thoughtfully so as to better enjoy Western art music through a firmer understanding of its general constructive principles and the artistic intentions of those who composed it. 

MUS 205 - Cantoring: Singing and Accompanying
1 Credit
This course is an introduction to singing and learning the parts of the Catholic Mass, in preparation to lead such parts as a cantor and/or keyboardist. Part of the course will include practical experience in cantoring several Catholic Masses at Ohio Dominican University, and the nursing home at Saint Mary of the Springs. Arrangements for such will be made through Campus Ministry. This course can be used for part of the elective portion of the music minor.

Prerequisite: Singing and/or accompanying skills.

MUS 260 - Music Theory & Fundamentals
3 Credits
This course will teach students how to read, listen to, and understand music. The course will begin with an overview of the most basic aspects of music. It will continue with a rigorous exploration of the inner workings of melody, harmony, and scales as they are used in classical, jazz, and popular music.

Students will learn how to read musical notes on a staff, write and use correct rhythmic notation, and construct scales and intervals, as well as recognize them by ear. They will also develop music listening, reading, and writing skills through exercises and ear training practice. The content is most appropriate for students with some musical experience. Beginners are welcome but may wish to consult with the instructor prior to enrolling.

MUS 1/2/3/485 - Special Topics
1-3 Credits
A study of topics in music of special interest to a specific group of students. 

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

MUS 2/3/486 - Independent Study
1-3 Credits
Intensive individual work in an area of music. 

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor, academic advisor or division chairperson.