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The minor in Physics is an excellent way of satisfying your curiosity about science while you major in another field. It is a particular asset for students competing for admission to professional schools (such as law or medicine), or especially for students interested in the 3+2 engineering master's program.

The minor consists of 18-20 credit hours. Courses completed for a related major may also count for your minor, thus reducing the credit hours required.

View course descriptions for pre- and co-requisites.

Required Courses  
PHY 219 General Physics I 4
PHY 220 General Physics II 4
PHY 300 Modern Physics 4
Select two courses from the following: 6-8
PHY 310 Electricity and Magnetism  
PHY 320 Classical Mechanics  
CHM 439 Thermodynamics and Kinetics  
CHM 440 Quantum Mechanics and Spectoscopy  
Total Credits Required 18-20

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