Course offerings listed below may vary from year to year based on course availability. For the most up-to-date courses, course requirements and descriptions, always refer to the current University Catalog. View the current Catalog here.

PRS 201 - Contemporary Issues in Reputation Management: Public Relations Principles
3  Credits
A theoretical approach to the principles of the field of public relations in corporate, non-profit, and agency applications. The role of public relations in the overall organizational communication structure.

PRS 205 - News Writing
3 Credits
Theory and practice of news gathering, writing, and editing with emphasis on the print and electronic media. Projects include straight news reporting as well as feature stories. Topics include determining news value, research, interviewing skills, writing for the ear as well as for the eye, and media critique. 

PRS 310 - Practicum with The Tower
3 Credits
This practicum experience is designed to give students a hands-on learning opportunity for researching, reporting, editing, photographing, and designing the student newspaper, The Tower. Students will understand production processes and the importance of deadlines. 

Prerequisites: PRS 205 or permission of the instructor.

PRS 329 - Power-Packed Writing for PR & Marketing Communications
3 Credits
Intensive writing course that exposes students to all types of public relations writing including news releases, brochures, speeches, newsletters, annual reports, case studies, advertising copy, memos and crisis communication. Students will hone their skills while producing writing samples for their professional portfolios. 

Prerequisite: PRS 201.

PRS 340 - Internet Strategies: Social Media, e-Commerce & More
3 Credits
This course is designed to provide an in-depth look at the principles, practices, and strategies utilized when incorporating the Internet into a public relations or marketing communications plan. This course will utilize lecture and case analysis to build a body of knowledge for students that they can apply to a professional setting. 

Prerequisite: PRS 201 or BUS 220 is recommended.

PRS 352 - Research, Planning & Evaluation
3 Credits
This course is designed to teach strategic public relations planning, research, and evaluation techniques to PRS majors but is also applicable to other business majors. The course connects theory to practical applications by framing research methodology in the context of planning. Students will learn valuable tools for the development, communication, and evaluation of effective PR and Marketing Communications programs. 

Prerequisite: PRS 201

SPM 220 - Sport Marketing
3 Credits
A study of basic marketing concepts with applications to sport organizations, both amateur and professional. Topics include promotions and public relations, sport consumer behavior, strategic market planning, marketing information management, marketing communications, sponsorship, and fund raising. 

SPM 333 - Sport Communication
3 Credits
Students in this course will examine the sport communication industry including the process and categories of sport communication. Knowledge to be learned includes personal and organization sport communication, sport mass media, sport communication services. Topics will include the history, career options, strategy, legal aspects, and technology of sport communication. 

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