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ODU's Art program educatess students on a conceptual and technical basis through a foundations curriculum, which allows them to choose an area of emphasis in Art, Art Education or Design.

Degrees offered:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Art
  • Minor in Art
  • Minor in Art History
See also: ODU's Art program demonstrates the relevance of art to society at large, and to the individual student through personal intellectual discovery and empowerment. 

The foundation sequence exposes students to a wide variety of studio experiences and art historical concepts regarding the role of art in society from the Paleolithic Age to today. Upper division courses allow for experimentation in a variety of media and the development of a personal artistic style which reflects both aesthetic and intellectual development.

Courses revolve around the goals of aesthetic and technical development, artistic exploration and mastery, interdisciplinarity, and the historical concept that art is one of the truest reflections of culture and society.

As a liberal arts institution, Ohio Dominican educates the whole person. In doing so, students learn to create systems for effective visual communication in a variety of media that are informed by a well-rounded education and a profound sense of social responsibility integral to ODU’s Catholic and Dominican heritage.


Download Program Guide

Includes a program overview, sample semester plan and program course requirements.