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Graduates of ODU's Chemistry Education program will be knowledgeable and effective teachers in all areas of Chemistry for grades 7-12.
Programs offered:
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Education
  • Licensure in Chemistry Education
See also: Chemistry is present in everything we wear, the food we eat and the things we buy. Our life is made better, in part, by the work done by chemists. ODU prepares teachers to educate the next generation of chemists. 

ODU's Chemistry Education program includes common core of science courses with an emphasis on pedagogical techniques.
  • Sample 4-Year Academic Plan for Chemistry Education Majors
    The course plan below is a sample plan for your major; it does not and should not replace meeting with your Academic Advisor to map out the best course plan that suits your individual academic goals and placement upon initial registration.

    Classes listed may not necessarily be offered during a particular term. 

    Year 1
    Fall Semester Spring Semester
    ENG 110 ENG 111
    CORE 179 CHM 110
    BIO 201 MTH 241
    CHM 109
    BIO 202
    MTH 240 THL
    Year 2
    Fall Semester Spring Semester
    CORE 279
    CHM 230
    BIO 203 EDU 220
    CHM 229 EDU 314
    EDU 112 PHY 220
    PHY 219 PHL
    Year 3
    Fall Semester Spring Semester
    EDU 379A
    SCI 479
    CHM 359 Required Elective
    EDU 346
    EDU 353
    LNG 242 EDU 410
    Year 4
    Fall Semester Spring Semester
    CHM 451 EDU 487
    Art/Music/Theatre EDU 488
    Social/Behavioral Science

    Required Elective (1) – Choose one of the following: CHM 360, CHM 439, CHM 440

    Faculty Advisors should help students pick Emphasis Electives and Minors based on career path. Other electives should be towards minor or graduate school prerequisites (meet with Advisor) and all students need 120 credits (15 credits per semester) to graduate in 4 years.

Course Requirements

  • B.S. or Licensure in Chemistry Education, Grades 7-12
    Degree-seeking students must complete the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in addition to the major requirements listed below.

    Licensure-only students (those who completed a bachelor's degree prior to beginning this program) only need to complete the requirements listed below. 
    Courses Credits
    CHM 109 General Chemistry I 4*
    CHM 110 General Chemistry II 4*
    CHM 229 Organic Chemistry I 4*
    CHM 230 Organic Chemistry II 4*
    CHM 359 Analytical Chemistry 4*
    CHM 451 Biochemistry 4*
    BIO 201 General Biology: Cells/Genetics/Evolution 4
    BIO 202 General Biology: Botany/Zoology/Ecology 4
    BIO 203 General Biology: Anatomy & Physiology 4
    MTH 240 Calculus I 4
    MTH 241 Calculus II 4
    PHY 219 General Physics I 4
    PHY 220 General Physics II 4
    SCI 479 CORE: Research in the Sciences 4*
    Select one of the following:

    Courses Credits
    CHM 360 Instrumental Methods of Analysis 4*
    CHM 439 Thermodynamics & Kinetics 4*
    CHM 440 Quantum Mechanics & Spectroscopy 4*
    Required Professional Education Courses

    Courses Credits
    EDU 112 Introduction to Teaching: Adolescence to Young Adult 3
    EDU 220 Educational Psychology 3
    EDU 314 Content Area Reading 3
    EDU 346 Adolescence to Young Adult & Multi-Age Methods 3
    EDU 379A CORE: Principles of Education 3
    EDU 353 Adolescence to Young Adult Science Teaching Methods 3
    EDU 410 Assessment & Technology for Teaching & Learning 3
    EDU 487 Supervised Teaching: Adolescence to Young Adult or Multi-Age 12
    EDU 488 Teaching Seminar: Adolescence to Young Adult or Multi-Age 1
    Total Credits Required 94
    * Used to calculate the Major GPA