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ODU's Computer Science program is broadly focused with an emphasis on the underlying science of the discipline. The major provides a solid foundation in computer programming concepts, networks, database systems and analysis of information technology. 

Computer science students need to think analytically to devise systems and programs, but also think creatively to troubleshoot and solve problems.

Degrees offered:
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Minor in Computer Science
Knowledge gained from this study prepares students for a variety of career paths including systems development, web development, technology management, teaching, robotics and graduate studies.

By choosing associated electives, students create a major that reflects their intellectual and vocational interests.

See also:
  • Software Engineering
  • Sample 4-Year Academic Plan for Computer Science Majors
    The course plan below is a sample plan for your major; it does not and should not replace meeting with your Academic Advisor to map out the best course plan that suits your individual academic goals and placement upon initial registration.

    Classes listed may not necessarily be offered during a particular term. 

    Year 1
    Fall Semester Spring Semester
    ENG 110 ENG 111
    CORE 179 CIS 160
    CIS 150 MTH 145
    MTH 240 
    HST Natural Science
    Year 2
    Fall Semester Spring Semester
    CORE 279
    CIS 210
    CIS 200
    Required elective
    CIS 234 PHL
    LNG 242 Art/Music/Theatre
    Social/Behavioral Science Elective
    Year 3
    Fall Semester Spring Semester
    CORE 379
    CIS 252
    CIS 230 CIS 316
    Required elective PHL
    THL Social/Behavioral Science
    Year 4
    Fall Semester Spring Semester
    CIS 479 Required elective
    CIS 350 Required elective
    LIT Elective
    Elective Elective
    Elective Elective 
    • CIS Electives – Choose 12 credit hours from any CIS course EXCEPT: CIS 105, CIS 106, CIS 107, CIS 185, CIS 203, OR CIS 479

    Faculty Advisors should help students pick Emphasis Electives and Minors based on career path.  Other electives should be towards minor or graduate school prerequisites (meet with Advisor) and all students need 120 credits (15 credits per semester) to graduate in 4 years.

Course Requirements

  • B.S. in Computer Science
    Students must complete the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in addition to the major requirements listed below. 
    Courses Credits
    CIS 150 Programming Fundamentals 3*
    CIS 160 Object-Oriented Programming 3*
    CIS 200 Data Structures 3*
    CIS 210 Assembly Language 3*
    CIS 230 Operating Systems 3*
    CIS 234 Database Management Systems 3*
    CIS 252 Programming in Java 3*
    CIS 316 Networks & Data Communications 3*
    CIS 350 Advanced Data Structures 3*
    CIS 479 Capstone Seminar 3*
    CIS Electives (not CIS 105, 106, 107, 185, 203, or 479) 12*
    MTH 145 Discrete Mathematics 3*
    MTH 240 Calculus I 4*
    Total Credits Required 49
    * Used to calculate the Certificate GPA
  • Minor in Computer Science
    Courses Credits
    CIS 150 Programming Fundamentals 3
    CIS 234 Database Management Systems 3
    CIS 316 Networks & Data Communications 3
    CIS Elective (not CIS 105, 106, 107, 185, 203, or 479) 9
    Total Credits Required 18