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Graduates with a degree in Educational Studies can pursue a variety of careers inside and outside the field of education or pursue graduate studies.
The framework for ODU's Educational Studies program is drawn from the four historical pillars of the Dominican Order:
  • Study of liberal arts with the goal of promoting learning in others
  • Contemplation through reflective practice.
  • Community building by actively participating and collaborating in a community of learners.
  • Service by developing social responsibility and commitments to the diverse needs in our society.

Graduate will be prepared for an exciting career in any number of roles, including:
  • Child care program administrator or facility director
  • Curriculum coordinator
  • Academic advisor
  • Public and private school administrative staff
  • Higher education international program staff
  • Tutor
You are also prepared for entry-level positions in:
  • education-related non-profit organization, publisher or training agency
  • government agencies
  • private sector and multinational companies 
Those interested in furthering their education through licensure or graduate and professional school can become:
  • Teacher
  • School principal/administrator
  • Curriculum designer
  • Consultant for educational agencies, school districts and supply companies
  • Trainer for  P-12 and higher educational enterprises
  • Educational policymaker or lawyer