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The study of History at Ohio Dominican University offers students the opportunity to explore the past from the perspective of both general knowledge and particular areas of interest—courses in American, Western and non-Western areas comprise the core of our curriculum.

Degree offered:
  • Bachelor of Arts in History
  • Minor in History
See also: Knowledge of the past is essential to functioning intelligently in the present, and charting the wisest course for the future. The great historian E.H. Carr once said that “The study of history frees one from narrowness, from presentness and from arrogance…it conveys an awareness of alternatives.” 

So, history is more than its own reward; it liberates the mind and prepares the student for the responsibilities of citizenship in the nation and the world. By taking the long view of causes, contexts and chronologies of past events, the well-trained student of history is able to analyze the breadth of human experience from multiple perspectives.

The emphasis on critical thinking skills in research, reading and writing are applicable to many different career paths, including education, business, journalism, law, and government service. 


Download Program Guide

Includes a program overview, sample semester plan and program course requirements.