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Ohio Dominican University’s Mathematics major instills in students a deeper understanding and appreciation of the nature of mathematics as well as of the application of mathematical ideas to real-world problems. 

Degrees offered:

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  • Minor in Mathematics
See also: ODU Math students receive a solid foundation in mathematics with courses ranging from the calculus sequence to foundations in mathematics, as well as linear and abstract algebra and calculus-based physics. 

Each of the programs introduces students to the major branches of mathematics, both pure and applied, and calls students to a deeper understanding of the nature of mathematics.

Students may pursue one of the following two options:
  • a traditional mathematics major designed to prepare students for careers in industry, government and for additional study in graduate school; or
  • an integrated mathematics teaching major designed to prepare students for a teaching career at the secondary school level.


Download Program Guide

Includes a program overview, sample semester plan and program course requirements.