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Graduates will be able to obtain an Ohio teaching license in Middle Childhood Education to teach grades 4-9 in two concentration subject areas.

Graduates of ODU’s Middle Childhood Education program are able to:
  • Think critically about values, beliefs and actions; apply reflection to argument and discourse; and recognize the limits of personal perspective as well as accept the contributions of multiple perspectives.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively in various oral, written and visual modes.
  • Understands and employs quantitative and qualitative analyses to describe and solve problems and applies the process of scientific inquiry.
  • Analyzes issues using moral and ethical reasoning and discerns consequences of decisions and actions.
  • Articulates the relationship of faith to reason in the Dominican tradition.

Graduates of can pursue a career as a:
  • Teacher in public, private or independent school
  • Educational consultant
  • Instructional publisher
  • Docent at a museum, zoo or historical site
  • Informal educational organizations
  • Tutoring services providers

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