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ODU's minor in Applied Ethics involves the analysis of ethical issues as they arise in the management and resolution of real-world problems. The minor is ideal for students majoring in Philosophy or Political Science.
  • Minor in Applied Ethics
    Courses Credits
    PHL 206 Philosophy of the Person 3
    PHL 242 Applied Ethics 3
    PHL 243 Bioethics 3
    THL 335 Christian Morality 3
    Select one course from the following:

    Courses Credits
    PHL 109 Issues in Philosophy 3
    PHL 110 Wisdom & the Web 3
    Select three credits from the following:

    Courses Credits
    ACT 430 Auditing & Assurances Service 3
    BUS 345 Business & Employment Law 3
    POL 279A CORE: Environmental Values & Policymaking 3
    POL 379B CORE: Peace & Justice: Catholic Social Teachings 3
    Total Credits Required 18

Arts & Letters Division

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