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ODU's minor in Coaching prepares students with courses aimed at developing a knowledge base in pedagogy, exercise physiology, nutrition and management.
Students in this minor will acquire skills to prepare them to coach at the youth, prep, collegiate or professional level, as well as develop the ethical principles to effectively become a teacher-coach.
  • Minor in Coaching
    Courses Credits
    EXSC 125 Introduction to Exercise, Health & Nutrition 3
    EXSC 241 Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries 3
    SPM 140 Sport Psychology 3
    SPM 249 Theory & Practice in Coaching Athletics 3
     Select 2 course topics from the SPM 300 Sport Coaching series:

    Courses Credits
    SPM 300A Coaching Football 3
    SPM 300B Coaching Basketball 3
    SPM 300C Coaching Volleyball 3
    SPM 300D Coaching Baseball 3
    SPM 300E Coaching Track & Field 3
    SPM 300F Coaching Soccer 3
    SPM 300G Coaching Softball 3
    SPM 300H Coaching Tennis 3
    SPM 300I Coaching Wrestling 3
    SPM 300J Coaching Field Hockey 3
    SPM 300K Coaching Lacrosse 3
    SPM 300L Coaching Gymnastics 3
    SPM 300M Coaching Swimming & Diving 3
    SPM 300N Coaching Golf 3
    Total Credits Required 18

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