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Ohio Dominican's minor in Management focuses on the process of working with and through others to achieve organizational objectives.
Today’s manager must make effective decisions in the functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in an increasingly complex, diverse, and dynamic environment.

Students are not permitted to complete both the minor in management and the business administration major with an emphasis in management; they must choose one or the other.

In establishing the undergraduate minor in Management, ODU faculty anticipated three types of students to be drawn to courses in administration:
  • Students who wish to learn about the management of organizations as a way of preparing for a career in business;
  • Students preparing for careers in other fields that require some knowledge of management; and
  • Students who expect to go on to graduate work in management who wish early guidance and undergraduate work appropriate to this career objective.
  • Minor in Management
    Courses Credits
    BUS 240 Management & Organizational Behavior 3
    BUS 265 Business Writing & Presentations 3
    BUS 343 Human Resource Management 3
    BUS 460 Contemporary Readings in Management 3
    Select two courses from the following:

    Courses Credits
    BUS 245 Labor Relations 3
    BUS 279A CORE: Leadership & the Common Good 3
    BUS 301 Conflict Resolution & Negotiation for Managers 3
    BUS 305 Non-Profit Management 3
    BUS 315 Gender & The Workplace 3
    BUS 360 Innovation & Entrepreneurship 3
    BUS 371 Sales Force Management & Leadership 3
    BUS 373 Managing The Diverse Workforce 3
    BUS 496 Advanced Readings in Management 3
    ENV 279A CORE: Applied Sustainability 3
    PSY 350 Psychology of Personality 3
    Total Credits Required 18