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Ohio Dominican's minor in Sport Media provides students an overview of the tools and insights necessary to operate within a sport media environment, whether in a promotional capacity or as a journalist or online blogger.
The required course sequence in the minor covers everything from sport communications management to news writing to public relations considerations as they relate to sport and other industries.

Course options provide students with a way to tailor the minor to their specific interests or shore up skill deficiencies in areas they want to emphasize in developing their creative expertise.

An internship in Sport Media is highly recommended (PRS 497, SPM 296 or SPM 497).

This minor is not available to Public Relations & Marketing Communications majors.
  • Minor in Sport Media
    Courses Credits
    PRS 201 Contemporary Issues in Reputation Management: Public Relations Principles 3
    PRS 205 News Writing 3
    SPM 220 Sport Marketing 3
    SPM 333 Sport Communication 3
    Select one course from the following:

    Courses Credits
    PRS 310 Practicum with the Tower (doing primarily sports reporting) 3
    PRS 329 Power-Packed Writing for PR & Marketing Communications
    PRS 340 Internet Strategies: Social Media, e-Commerce & More 3
    PRS 352 Research, Planning & Evaluation 3
    Total Credits Required 15

Business Division