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At Ohio Dominican, the staff and faculty are dedicated to helping our students succeed in their education, careers and life.

The Student Affairs staff focuses on the total development of each ODU student and provides comprehensive programs and services to ensure personal, interpersonal, intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, and vocational growth.

Specifically, these programs include student success and persistence initiatives, wellness programs, internships, study abroad options, Orientation, Graduation, holistic activities for residents and commuters, both traditional aged and adults, with an emphasis on both our diversity and community spirit.

Student Survey

In the Spring of 2022, ODU conducted a survey of ODU’s student community focusing on a variety of topics including programming, recreation, clubs, communication, student belonging and overall campus climate. 193 students participated in the 54-question survey. The data collected from the survey is being used to better inform student services and programming at ODU, to provide feedback on programming and recreational activities and to draw conclusions about ODU student experiences. Download the full report (.pdf) to find information about the Spring 2022 Student Experience Survey and the survey results.


Student Affairs Staff