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Ohio Dominican University strives to enlist all members of the university community in its efforts to live sustainably.

Pope Francis’ statement that “there is a nobility in the duty to care for creation through little daily actions” calls us to identify and implement ways of minimizing negative environmental impacts and increasing environmental awareness throughout the Ohio Dominican community.

The Sustainability Council meets every two weeks on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., in Erskine 228.

  • Sustainability Council Members

    Staff and Faculty Members

  • Office Recycling Program

    Pick up of paper and cardboard from all ODU Offices in all buildings is as follows:

    Cardboard Boxes for recycling paper and cardboard have been placed in most private offices on campus. These can be emptied in hallway receptacles by staff or faculty or left in the nearest hallway for pick up by SODEXO maintenance staff on a rotating basis.

    Maintenance staff will return your box to your office if labeled for recycling and your office number.

    • Erskine Hall and Guzman Office Pick Up is Wednesday and Friday.
    • Battelle, Alumni Hall and the Griffin Student Center is Tuesday.
    • Sansbury, Spangler, St. Albert and Werhle Halls are Thursday.

    Mondays, there is no pick up. 

    Staff & faculty should take their bottles and cans to the hallway containers for pick up.

    Hallway recycling containers are emptied once or twice a week.  If they need to be emptied more often, please contact Chris Blanton at blantonc@ohiodominican.edu.

    Contact Sustainability Council members Chris Blanton, Blake Mathys, Julie Hart, Mandy Powell or Amy Diller for questions or concerns.  

  • Classroom Recycling Program

    Starting Monday, Jan. 25, 2016, recycling containers will be available in all Erskine Hall and St. Albert Hall classrooms near the doors.

    These green containers will take only plastic, glass and cans but NOT paper. 

    Paper for recycling should be placed in hallway bins marked paper. Paper can only be recycled if DRY and thus it can't be mixed with bottles and cans. Cans and bottles should be emptied of their liquids and without lids.

    This is a pilot project and we hope to expand the program to include all campus classrooms in the near future. We also plan to offer a broader recycling program in the dorms by next fall. 

    These recyclables are picked up by our student workers. Their coordinator is Justin Tjon email tjonjoej@ohiodominican.edu

    Mandy Powell in Career Development is in charge of hiring these student workers powellm@ohiodominican.edu
  • Dorm Recycling Program

    To begin in Fall 2016! More details coming soon!

  • General Information about recycling

    ODU Recycling Pick Up is with Republic Inc. Their large dumpsters are placed in five locations on campus.