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ODU's Honors Program is designed for students who seek to deepen their understanding of significant issues, express their creativity, and engage in independent scholarly, scientific and artistic endeavors.

Program Features

  • Smaller and intellectually stimulating classes
  • Opportunity for separate living and learning space
  • Mentorship by faculty in related academic disciplines
  • Collaborative research opportunities
  • Extra-curricular programming
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    Program Requirements

    View the eligibility requirements and applications for current and incoming students.

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  • Honors courses

    Honors Curriculum

    View curriculum and course descriptions for ODU's Honors Program.

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Honors Program Info Session

This event was recorded on Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021.

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  • The Honors Experience

    Through challenging learning experiences and entertaining cultural opportunities, ODU's Honors Program fosters critical thinking, intellectual inquiry, and an appreciation for arts and culture.

    In addition, ODU's Honors Program is an excellent foundation for students who may continue on to graduate school. Students not only gain an in-depth knowledge of their field of study, but are taught to ask necessary questions and advance new lines of inquiry.

    In keeping with the spirit of Ohio Dominican University's mission statement, To contemplate truth and to share with others the fruits of this contemplation, the Honors Program also encourages students to interact with others collegially, grow spiritually and participate actively in their communities. 

  • Scholarships

    Honors Scholarships* may be available for qualifying students. 

    Eligibility will be based on active membership in the Honors Program, which includes:

    • enrollment in Honors courses
    • maintaining a satisfactory GPA  
    • meeting with the Honors Director or program advisor at least once per semester
    • involvement in programming activities
    • submission of an annual activity report to the Director

    Awards will be recommended by the director upon admission into the program or, for returning students, the review of the annual student activity report.

    *Honors scholarships will replace any Ohio Dominican merit scholarships awarded.  

    For further information, contact the Financial Aid Office.  

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