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Expand your education beyond the border. Studying abroad during college will introduce you to new people, new cultures and new learning experiences.

Students can travel for a few weeks or a full semester, and earn credit in their major or in other disciplines. In addition to studying abroad, students can participate in service programs or gain practical experience through internships.

Most students choose to study abroad during their junior year. But another time may work better for you. Your academic advisor and the International Office can help you decide.

  • Study Abroad at Pisa

    Study Abroad Programs

    From spring break to semesters abroad, ODU offers something for everyone.

    View Programs
  • Study Abroad Rome

    Upcoming & Previous Trips

    Learn about upcoming trips, and view photos and blogs about past trips.

    View Trips
  • Study Abroad in Guatemala

    Apply for a Trip

    Get ready to go with this application checklist.

    Apply Now
  • Cuba Study Tour - June 2019

    The Cuba Study Tour is set for June 9-18, 2019!  Join us as we discover today’s Cuba. During our trip, we will make people-to-people connections and learn firsthand the reality of everyday Cubans. Our group will get to know both Cuban community organizations as well as private citizens. We will investigate a wide range of topics from healthcare to the arts. 

    Application Deadline: March 15, 2019

    Estimated Cost: $3,000 (including airfare, ground transportation, hotel, breakfast, lunch and all but 4 dinners)

    Faculty Leader:  Manuel Martinez, PhD.

    Contact:  Manuel Martinez, PhD. martinem1@ohiodominican.edu

    Spanish is useful, but not necessary. Some partial scholarship may be available Apply Now


  • Guatemala 2019 May Term Trip Information
    • Travel to Guatemala: May 12-26, 2019
    • Application Deadline: March 15, 2019

    Travel to Guatemala and examine the causes, consequences and solutions to Central American poverty. This course will explore poverty in the context of colonial history, economic globalization, political and economic policies of unrestrained capitalism and trade, population growth, tropical climate and cultural patterns. You will travel throughout urban and rural Guatemala and meet with non-profit organizations, government officials and live with impoverished families. Grassroots efforts to address poverty will include micro loan programs, sustainable development and agriculture, empowerment of women, literacy campaigns, investment in human capital, land reform, fair trade policies, appropriate technology and education for democracy. Spanish is useful, but not necessary.

    Instructors: Dr. Julie Hart
    Course Offerings: SOC 379A
    Estimated Cost: $2,600
    Tuition Amount: $360 for 1-credit course

    Apply Now

  • Safety & Travel Information
    Ohio Dominican wants to make sure you take the best precautions for your safety while traveling abroad.

    General Safety Tips

    • Leave a copy of your proposed itinerary with your family so they can contact you in case of an emergency.
    • Photocopy all essential documents and leave copies at home.
    • Write down passport, traveler’s check and credit card numbers, and keep them separate from your wallet.
    • Never leave your luggage unattended.
    • Your contact information should be labeled on each piece of luggage.
    • Carry traveler’s checks or a bank debit card instead of cash.
    • Learn key phrases in the local language so you can ask for help or assistance when you need it.
  • Returning Student Information

    Welcome back! Let us help you transition back into life at ODU. If you have any questions or concerns, please come see us in the International Office or contact us at studyabroad@ohiodominican.edu.

    Evaluation Form
    After you have returned from your study abroad program you should complete the Student Evaluation Form. This evaluation will help our office advise students, and future students select the appropriate program of their choice.

    This is also an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and possibly provide us with recommendations to better serve our students. The International Office will email you the link to complete this evaluation.

    Grades & Transcripts
    Make sure you have requested an official transcript from your study abroad institution to be sent directly to the Registrar’s Office at ODU. The Registrar’s Office will then evaluate your transcript and post your transfer credit on your ODU transcript.

    Grades will appear on your ODU transcript and will be calculated into your cumulative grade point average. The Business Office will send you a bill for this credit when we receive your transcript.

    ODU Housing
    For information regarding housing arrangements upon your return to campus, see the Residence Life Office prior to your departure from campus.

    Re-entry Adjustment
    Just as living abroad requires you to make some adjustments, so does coming home. For some students, this may be the most difficult phase of all.

    By this time you have new knowledge and attitudes, and you may have changed intellectually and personally. You may find difficult to find people who understand your new perspective. The following tips may help you re-adjust:

    • Try to find other students who have studied abroad or meet new international students.
    • Think about how you have changed and what is now important to you.
    • Be patient with your friends and family; they are trying to understand your experience abroad.
    • If you have some negative feelings about your culture, it’s normal. You are now viewing your culture from a different perspective.
    Find some ways to keep the “international” aspect in your life:
    • Volunteer to assist the International Office in study abroad orientations for students going to the country you visited.
    • Get to know the international students on campus.
    • Consider adding a minor in international business.
    • Read online newspapers from your host country.
    • Consider how you can use your international experience in your academics or future career.
    • Start planning how you might go abroad again, either through personal travel, work/volunteer, or internship.

    If you are experiencing any emotional stress or are having a difficult time readjusting, please contact Counseling Services at (614) 251-4589.

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Ohio Dominican University
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Emily Breymaier on a Medical Mission to Haiti