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Ohio Dominican is the proud recipient of a five-year grant totaling nearly $1.2 million from the National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program.

The Noyce Scholarship provides tuition funds to students who aspire to teach biology (life science), mathematics or chemistry in secondary schools located in underserved communities.

About the Scholarship

Beginning in fall 2019, the grant allows four groups of five students to each receive up to $15,000 per year in scholarship funds during both their junior and senior years. As many as two students per year who have already earned a bachelor’s degree in a STEM-related field and who wish to pursue teacher certification will receive a one-year stipend of up to $12,000. For each year that these students receive scholarship or stipend funds, they agree to commit two years of teaching in a qualifying district.


Eligibility Requirements

In order to be considered for the scholarship, you must:

  • Be an entering junior or senior at Ohio Dominican.
  • Major in Integrated Mathematics, Life Science Education, or Chemistry Education.
  • Agree to teach two years in a qualifying district for each year you receive scholarship funds.

In order to be considered for the stipend, you must:

  • Have already received a bachelor’s degree in a STEM-related field.
  • Pursue teacher certification at ODU.
  • Agree to teach in a qualifying district for each year you receive stipend funds.

How to Apply

To begin the application process to become a Noyce Scholar at Ohio Dominican University, please contact Dr. Marlissa Stauffer, Chair of the Education Division at ODU, at stauffem@ohiodominican.edu.

Email Dr. Stauffer


School Districts Partnering with ODU

Ohio Dominican has cultivated partnerships with local high-need school districts including South-Western City Schools and Whitehall City Schools to ensure valuable field experiences.

Recipients of the Noyce Scholarship or Stipend may be employed in ANY school districts serving a significant portion of underserved students.


Additional Benefits

In addition to receiving tuition funds, students who receive the scholarship will receive funds for professional development membership fees and travel, as well as stipends and materials to conduct summer research.


Principal Investigators of Grant

The lead principal investigators for this grant are Janet Antwi, Ph.D., assistant professor of Chemistry; Marlissa Stauffer, Ph.D., associate professor of Education and chair of ODU’s Education Division; and Ron Zielke, Ph.D., associate professor of Mathematics and chair of ODU’s Division of Mathematics, Computer & Natural Sciences. Additional ODU faculty participating in this project include Kristall Day, Ph.D., associate professor of Education; Young Mi Chang, Ph.D., associate professor of Education and program director of ODU’s Early Childhood Education department; and Kate Fishley, Ph.D., associate professor of Education and program director of ODU’s Intervention Specialist department.


Meet Our Scholars


Seth Chrisman

Seth Chrisman

Graduating 2022
Major/Minor: Life Science Education

ODU Licensure: Life Sciences 9-12

“The Noyce scholarship is allowing me to come out of school with less loans while also allowing me to still have an important impact on future generations.”

Samuel Sutak

Samuel Sutak

Graduating 2022
Major/Minor: B.S., Civil Engineering

ODU Licensure: AYA Education, Mathematics

“The Noyce scholarship has helped me in recognizing the need for underserved communities in the Columbus area. I look forward in taking this opportunity to serve these same communities and instill the love for mathematics achievement that I have enjoyed throughout my life through culturally responsive teaching.”

Emily Wittekind

Emily Wittekind

Graduating 2023
Major/Minor: Integrated Mathematics Education
ODU Licensure: AYA Education, Mathematics

"The Noyce Scholarship has helped me realize that not all students are getting an equal education that they deserve based on certain demographics. I am excited to see how I am able to influence and set examples for kids that are in a disadvantaged school district so they can learn and have the opportunities they deserve to be successful. The Noyce Scholarship is a great support for future teachers, but it is more exciting to think about how a program like this can influence and shape young minds in the classroom."

Awil Jama

Awil Jama

Graduating 2021
Major/Minor: B.Sc., Earth Science
ODU Licensure: AYA Science, Chemistry

Prior to becoming a Noyce Scholar, Awil worked as a hydrogeologist in the field for a rural water development outfit.

Colleen Jones

Colleen Jones

Graduating 2021
Major/Minor: B.S., Mathematics
ODU Licensure: AYA Education, Mathematics

Having spent 30 years as an actuary in the corporate world, Jones is eager to bring a "hands-on" perspective into the education field, promoting an appreciation of mathematical skills and a sense of real-world applications for the power of mathematics. "The Robert Noyce scholarship program highlights for me the power of culturally responsive teaching strategies and the important quest to provide all communities with the opportunity for their diverse learners to become accomplished mathematicians. I am excited to get started!"


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