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ODU Staff Holding Up Welcome to ODU Sign

ODU Welcomes Incoming Panthers at New Student Welcome Drive-In

New students and their families were greeted by dozens of faculty and staff.

Aug 3, 2020

Ohio Dominican University faculty and staff donned their black and gold to welcome new Panthers into the campus community during ODU’s New Student Welcome Drive-In on Sunday, Aug. 2. The event took place in the Gold Parking Lot, located by the Griffin Student Center.

Click here to view photos from the New Student Welcome Drive-In.

As students and their families arrived on campus, they were greeted by ODU’s mascot, Thunder, and dozens of cheering faculty and staff waiving pom-poms and holding homemade signs. Students received various prizes and takeaways, including ODU-branded facemasks. The drive-in format allowed volunteers and students to participate in the event while adhering to social distancing guidelines. ODU’s fall semester officially begins on Monday, Aug. 17.

NBC4-TV in Columbus covered the event.

“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to doing everything we can to help ensure our new students are welcomed with the same energy, excitement and enthusiasm that our campus community is known for displaying as students officially begin their ODU journey,” said Sharon Reed, Dean of Student Life. “This drive-in allowed faculty and staff to introduce students to ODU’s vibrant campus community and its culture of care, which is an important aspect of our campus experience.”