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2021 Incoming Class of Honors Program Students at Ohio Dominican University

Ohio Dominican Welcomes 32 New Honors Program Students

This year’s entering group achieved a median high school GPA of 3.984.

Sep 1, 2021

Ohio Dominican University welcomes 32 students into its Honors Program, including 24 new first-year students, five transfer students and three existing ODU students. These students join 65 returning Honors students for a total of 97 participants during the 2021-2022 academic year.

This year’s entering group achieved a median high school GPA of 3.984.

New members of the Honors Program are:

New Students
Sarah Anderson
Dylan Bailey
Diego Benitez
McKenna Conley
Ellyn Deibel
Vivian Dettwiller
Caitriona Dolan
Mario Ferri
Taylor Fitch
Shelby Flynn
Madison Glass
Kylee Henry
Emily Holland
Ken Koech
Paige Mathews
Ava Meiner
Dominic Motter
Allison Nolan
Kassydee Owens
Angel Porcayo
Kyle Ulring
Anna von Dolln
Owen Wilhelm
Liam Wilson

Transfer Students
Amber Carswell
Anastasiia Holovchenko
Natalie Jude
Catherine Orsborn
Brianna Reilly

Existing ODU Students
Shannan Ireland
Dylan Smith
Sylvia Woodruff

“We are excited to welcome a new outstanding class of students into ODU’s Honors Program, bringing our total to nearly 100 participants!” said John Marazita, Ph.D., professor of Psychology and Honors Program director. “This year’s group includes students with a wide range of interests, including student-athletes, international students, and domestic students, and their academic interests cover nearly two dozen majors representing ODU’s five academic divisions. Despite their individual differences, our Honors students share a passion for learning and exploring, as well as a commitment to the ODU community given the many roles they play on campus. We look forward to an engaging and productive academic year in the program!”

ODU’s Honors Program is designed to enrich the academic experience of talented and motivated students. It is a community of learners who seek to develop their love of learning, deepen their understanding of significant issues, express their creativity, and engage in independent scholarly, scientific, and artistic endeavors. Participants have access to separate living and learning spaces; opportunities for close mentorship with faculty in related academic disciplines; an invitation to participate in collaborative research with faculty; and an ability to participate in extracurricular programming.

To learn more about Ohio Dominican University’s Honors Program, visit ohiodominican.edu/Honors.