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Results from the Library Space Renovation Survey

Find out what changes to the library you and your peers would like!

Feb 21, 2022

The Library Renovation Committee and library staff would like to thank those who submitted ideas via the Library Space Renovation Survey.  According to the survey, the top five items requested for renovation are the following:

  • Library café/lounge
  • Additional study rooms
  • Soft furniture
  • Updated décor
  • Individual & group study spaces 

Respondents mentioned a need for the following as well:

  • Quiet study space
  • Better lighting
  • Charging stations/outlets
  • Water fountains/water bottle fill-up stations
  • New flooring 

We also drew names from those who participated and would like to congratulate the following people for winning ODU spirit gear: 

  • McKenna Conley
  • Shaly Peraza 
  • Lauren Pino

Please be on the lookout for invitations to participate in upcoming focus group sessions; you will be invited to help us hone in on many of your suggestions.