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  • Access
    Members of the Ohio Dominican University community are eligible to use the university resources. Participants who access electronic services are required to observe all federal, state and local laws as well as university policies regarding the acquisition and dissemination of information and to be responsible for all activities conducted through their personal account.

    Individuals who abuse these laws and policies may have their privileges revoked and be subjected to university discipline and/or criminal prosecution. The availability of information does not imply university endorsement.
  • Copyright

    Ohio Dominican University is committed to supporting teaching, learning and research through the legal use of copyrighted materials. All uses of intellectual property, in any format, are governed by the US Copyright Law (Title 17, United States Code), the copyright laws of other countries, by licensing arrangements and by contract. 

    Any use or reproduction of materials must comply with the provision of the law and accepted guidelines of the University (see ODU Student Handbook).

  • Harassment

    Ohio Dominican University policy regarding harassment applies to the use of ODU resources. Users should be aware that they are members of a community with a shared set of rights and responsibilities that include a concern for the feelings of others, especially in public places. 

    Ignoring the expressed objections of others' discomfort regarding one's use of these resources may open one up to charges of harassment (see ODU Student Handbook).

  • Email
    The primary purpose for the Ohio Dominican University email and web mail systems is for the business of the University; the business of teaching, research and the administrative functions that support this mission. While the University encourages the use of the University email services to share information, to improve communication and to exchange ideas, all emailing must adhere to University policies.

    These policies prohibit the use of institutional distribution lists for mass mailings of any personal or non-University related commercial content. The University recognizes that principles of academic freedom, freedom of speech, and privacy of information hold important implications for email and email services. ODU Policy reflects these firmly-held principles within the context of the University's legal and other obligations.
  • Plagiarism
    Users of the Ohio Dominican University resources are encouraged to use these materials fully and completely, yet wisely in their pursuit of learning. Users are cautioned to pay particular attention to Ohio Dominican University's policies regarding copyright infringement, academic honesty, and plagiarism.

    Violations of these policies may result in serious sanctions (see ODU Student Handbook).
  • Security & Privacy

    All users of Ohio Dominican University resources, including users of the Ohio Dominican University computer network, must comply with the ethical and legal considerations for privacy as defined in the "Counterfeit Access Device and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984," the "Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986," and all other such laws which address the use of electronic data, materials, and equipment. It is the responsibility of the user to be well informed about all such legal considerations.

    Users should be aware that the Ohio Dominican University network and the relevant computers are the property of Ohio Dominican University. The university employs various measures to protect the security of its computing resources and of their users' accounts. Users should be aware, however, that the university cannot guarantee such security.

    Ohio Dominican University provides a network account (User ID) for access to electronic resources. This account is the sole responsibility of the individual to whom it was granted. Users should therefore engage in "safe computing" practices by establishing appropriate access restrictions for their User ID, guarding their passwords, and changing them regularly. User IDs are not transferrable and should not be shared with other individuals.

    Users should be aware that their uses of university computing resources are not completely private. While the university does not routinely monitor individual usage of its computing resources, the normal operation and maintenance of the university's computing resources require backup and caching of data and communications, the logging of activity, the monitoring of general usage patterns, and other such activities that are necessary for the rendition of service.

    The University may also specifically monitor the activity and accounts of individual users of university computing resources, including individual login sessions and communications, without notice, when

    (a) the user has voluntarily made them accessible to the public, as by posting to the Internet;
    (b) it reasonably appears necessary to do so to protect the integrity, security or functionality of university or other computing resources or to protect the university from liability;
    (c) there is a reasonable cause to believe that the user has violated, or is violating university Policy;
    (d) an account appears to be engaged in unusual or unusually excessive activity, as indicated by the monitoring of general activity and usage patterns; or
    (e) it is otherwise required or permitted by law.

    Any such individual monitoring other than specified in "(a)", required by law, or necessary to respond to perceived emergency situations, must be authorized in advance by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, or his or her designee. The university, in its discretion, may disclose the results of any such general or individual monitoring, including the contents and records of individual communications, to appropriate university personnel or law enforcement agencies and may use those results in appropriate disciplinary proceedings.

    Users acknowledge that the university owns the Ohio Dominican University Network and by using it, users expressly consent to the types of monitoring and access listed above.


  • Vandalism
    Ohio Dominican University advocates behavioral expectations that center on respect. Individuals are expected to act with respect and understand and follow our community policies or specific policies that may govern a specific area.

    Community laws and campus policies define consequences for acts of vandalism, the willful malicious defacement or destruction of public or private property. 

Information Technology Staff