Students in ODU's Arts Education program focus on art materials, techniques and developmental theory for use in classrooms, Pre-K to grade 12.

Degree offered:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Arts Education
Licensure offered:
  • Art Education, Multi-Age
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Arts Education at ODU embraces the Dominican tradition of art as a form of social justice and responsibility. The program teaches its students the habits of collaboration, critical thinking, reflection, and the historical concept that art is one of the truest reflections of culture and society and needs to be an integral part of the education of every child. 

The program balances creative experimentation with historical knowledge, interdisciplinary inquiry and application, community outreach, and best practices in pre-service classroom pedagogy and assessment. 

ODU's Arts Education coursework emphasizes age-appropriate evaluation techniques, cross disciplinary planning, whole curriculum development, multicultural theory, critical analysis, student portfolio development and classroom management techniques.

The Arts Education, Multi-Age licensure provides students with both the technical and theoretical knowledge to use confidently and thoughtfully while preparing students for the National Proficiency Exams in Art.


Download Program Guide

Includes a program overview, sample semester plan and program course requirements.

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