Ohio Dominican's Art Education program prepares graduates to teach in a variety of settings, go on to graduate school, or begin a career in the art world.

Graduates of ODU's Arts Education program will:
  • have an understanding of the power and unique role of art/art making in society;
  • have a lifetime appreciation for art as a means of enrichment and learning;
  • recognize that art making can be a useful tool for interdisciplinary learning;
  • have an understanding of how art reflects and shapes cultural values and mirrors contemporary sociohistory;
  • have skills in a variety of assessment mechanisms; and
  • be able to teach the art discipline with a focus on relevancy, diversity, inclusion, and the concept of social justice.

Graduates of ODU's Arts Education program are prepared for careers in a variety of settings, including:
  • Teacher or art specialist in K-12 classrooms, art and community centers
  • Positions in museums or public and private orgainizations
  • Opening their own art studio or art therapy practice

Graduates are also prepared to enter graduate programs in Arts Education, Museum Education, Art Therapy and more.

Arts Education
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