Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

Outcomes & Careers

Ohio Dominican Social Work program prepares students for entry-level professional practice in a variety of social work settings.

Graduates are prepared to help people cope with environmental demands, strengthen their social relationships, and enrich their ways of living.

Students in ODU’s Social Work program will:
  • Acquire foundational knowledge of the social work profession within a generalist, ecological life span perspective.
  • Cultivate social work skills appropriate to competent entry-level professional practice across diverse settings, client populations, and life challenges.
  • Integrate the core values of social work with the foundational knowledge and skills of the profession giving particular attention to issues of social and economic justice.
Graduate of ODU’s Social Work program are qualified for careers in a wide range of settings, including:
  • Children and family services in schools, counseling agencies, military programs, child protective services, foster care and adoption agencies
  • Mental health and substance abuse services in case management and treatment agencies
  • Social services in health settings (e.g., hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing facilities)
  • Aging services in community-based programs
  • Juvenile and adult corrections programming within police departments, courts, correctional facilities and community-based diversion programs
  • Private and public sector social service programs and agencies
Social workers may also choose to serve as community organizers and elected officials.
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