Associate of Arts & Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Outcomes & Careers

ODU's Theology program prepares students for pastoral and youth ministry, and religious education in parishes and Diocesan schools.

Students may wish to pursue graduate studies including Ohio Dominican’s Master of Arts in Theology.
Throughout their studies in the Theology major, students will:
  • Explain central concepts of Catholic theology, such as revelation, tradition, sin, salvation, trinity, grace, incarnation, inspiration of scripture, church and sacrament.
  • Effectively use scholarly resources for research.
  • Write competently in the forms appropriate for theological discourse.
  • Investigate and evaluate theological insights.
  • Defend the complementary relationship between faith and reason within the Catholic intellectual tradition.
  • Examine and explain the important liturgical expressions found within the Christian worship tradition.
  • Make connections between major texts, people, and incidents in the Bible and appraise the effect of these relationships within the scope of Biblical theology.
  • Articulate the role and influence of Catholicism and/or Christianity in discussions that occur in public realms.
  • Demonstrate a consciousness of contemporary cultural and social issues, and the role that Catholic theology can contribute to those issues.
  • Communicate examples of contributions Catholic theology can make to the study of other disciplines, and contributions other disciplines can make to the study of Catholic theology.

Graduates of ODU's Theology program are prepared for professional, ministerial or educational opportunities, including:

  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Religious Education
  • Campus & Youth Ministry
  • Seminary Studies


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