Inclusive Access

ODU is taking steps to reduce the cost of course materials for students through our Affordable Learning Initiative. One prong of this initiative is Inclusive Access. Through Inclusive Access, students can obtain costly publisher materials electronically, saving them up to 80 percent per class.

Inclusive Access Rollout Plan Details

In spring 2019, ODU launched an Inclusive Access pilot. This pilot included 10 course sections across a range of subject areas. After analysis showed that students saved a total of more than $18,000 ($114 per student), ODU expanded its use of Inclusive Access materials to include more courses.

Benefits of Utilizing Inclusive Access Course Materials

  • Significant price reduction (between 50-80 percent) of courseware and e-textbooks when compared to purchasing print course materials through traditional retail channels.
  • Immediate and guaranteed access to all required materials by the first day of class.
  • Straightforward billing through the Business Office along with tuition. Students do not need to wait for financial aid or scholarship money to arrive prior to purchasing textbooks.
  • Reduced time and energy spent buying course materials.
  • Ability to opt out of receiving Inclusive Access materials.
  • Automatic billing adjustments for students who drop a course within the required add/drop dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inclusive Access?
Inclusive Access is a model where all students enrolled in a class get immediate access to e-textbooks and courseware on day one of the course (or before) via PantherLearn. The Inclusive Access materials will be included with term charges on your ODU student account. Back to FAQ

What is courseware?
Interactive courseware is much more than just an e-book. While platforms like MyLabs, MindTap, and Connect typically include a full electronic text, they have added interactive content designed to make the reading more engaging. This can include videos and interactive animations, quizzes, and homework sets with hints and/or links to the related text for incorrect answers, serving as a virtual tutor. They also allow for various levels of customization by the instructor, peer-to-peer sharing of notes, and the creation of digital flashcards that you can use with smartphone apps. Back to FAQ

How long do I have access to courseware?
Publisher interactive products are available for the length of the term, and students access these products via PantherLearn. Back to FAQ

What does Inclusive Access cost?
The price varies depending upon the platform and content used by the instructor. Inclusive Access e-textbook prices are up to 80 percent lower than the cost of a new, printed text, and Inclusive Access e-textbook + courseware prices are up to 55 percent lower than the cost of purchasing access directly from the publisher. Back to FAQ

How do I gain access?
You will automatically have access to materials through your PantherLearn course shell if you are taking a course that is utilizing Inclusive Access course materials. Back to FAQ

How long do I have access to my e-textbook?
You will have access to your e-textbook through PantherLearn as soon as the LMS is open for students. Different publishers have different access guidelines, but at a minimum, students have access to the material for one year online. Back to FAQ

How do I pay for my access?
You do not need to purchase any Inclusive Access materials from the bookstore on your own. The cost of your Inclusive Access course materials will be billed alongside tuition and other fees to your student account approximately two weeks before classes start. Back to FAQ

What does it mean to opt out?
When you opt out, access to all online content is disconnected and billing adjustments are made once the opt out notification is received by the ODU Business Office. The opt out deadline for all Inclusive Access courses is the 14th day of the term. Inclusive Access offers a savings up to 80 percent off the print option, and should you opt out, that savings will not be available with other options. Back to FAQ

Do I still need to opt out if I dropped the course?
No, you do not need to formally opt out of Inclusive Access if you drop the course during the drop/add period. Automatic billing adjustments will be made for students who drop a course within the required add/drop dates. Back to FAQ

I am wait-listed for a course. Will I have access to the online materials, and do I need to opt out if I don’t get into the course?
Students who are wait-listed do not have access to the PantherLearn course shell, and so wait-listed students would not have access to Inclusive Access materials on the first day of class. If you were wait-listed and never got into the class, you would not need to opt out. You are not billed the materials charge unless you are actually in the course, so wait-listed students will not be charged until they are accepted in the course. Back to FAQ

If I added a class late, do I still have 14 days to opt out?
The deadline to opt out is the 14th day of the term. Whether you add the class on the first day, the 10th day or the 13th day does not matter. You must still opt out by the 14th day of the term. Back to FAQ

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Keep checking back here for more information as we learn more together. If you have specific questions about your Inclusive Access class, please contact your professor. Back to FAQ

Who do I contact if I need technical or access support?
Please contact for technical support. Back to FAQ