Your Financial Responsibility & Promise

By registering for classes at Ohio Dominican University, I am creating a financial obligation. I understand that this legal obligation requires me to pay for tuition, fees and other ODU charges advanced in connection with my enrollment at Ohio Dominican University.

I promise to pay to the University:

  • Tuition, fees and charges owed, to the extent such obligations are not paid in full at time of established University due dates
  • Any deficiency in tuition, fees, or charges resulting from financial reversals or non-payment of loans or advances from federal, state, institutional, or other third party; and
  • If necessary, all collection costs, including penalties, late fees, attorney fees, and court costs

I understand that ODU’s Business Office communicates all financial account information via electronic services via ODU Online, and will send notifications and important notices via ODU email accounts.

I acknowledge that failure to officially drop class(es) during the add/drop period and/or officially withdraw according to the current ODU University Catalog will not relieve my financial obligation for those course(s).  

I acknowledge that I will not be able to register for future terms, receive transcripts, or receive diplomas if my account is delinquent.

I acknowledge any uncollected debt may be reported by ODU or its agent to a credit reporting agency.

I authorize ODU and its agents attempting to collect any debt owed to the University to utilize all contact information I have provided to the University, including, but not limited to, home address, phone numbers, and email addresses.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand Ohio Dominican University’s Statement of Financial Responsibility and agree to all terms and conditions of the agreement.

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