How People See ODU

A brand is not a logo or a tagline. Our brand is the perception people have when they think of Ohio Dominican University. It’s what the University means to the people we serve. Our brand is what makes us distinctive in a person’s mind.

As representatives of the University, each of us has multiple opportunities every day to influence what people think — and strengthen our brand — by presenting consistent, credible and authentic messages about Ohio Dominican, our people and our accomplishments.

Building a strong brand for the University directly benefits our ability to recruit and retain students, attract talented faculty, enhance our academic reputation, engage alumni and connect with potential donors who share our passion and purpose.


The ODU Brand Positioning Statement

(a.k.a. Our Elevator Speech)

Ohio Dominican University is Central Ohio’s Catholic university. In-demand majors, graduate programs and an outstanding liberal arts foundation prepare students to succeed in today’s ever-changing global marketplace. At ODU, students connect their passion with a purpose.


Our Promise to Students

Connect Your Passion With a Purpose.


Telling the Ohio Dominican Story

The Ohio Dominican story is clearly reflected in our mission: As a Catholic liberal arts university in the Dominican tradition, Ohio Dominican University is guided in its educational mission by the Dominican motto: to contemplate truth and to share with others the fruits of this contemplation.

Ohio Dominican educates individuals committed to intellectual, spiritual and professional growth, who develop into lifelong learners, serving others in a global society. They in turn become ethical and effective leaders grounded in the pursuit of truth, justice and peace.


Our Core Messages

Ohio Dominican welcomes students of all faiths to embrace its Dominican motto: “To contemplate truth and to share with others the fruits of this contemplation.” As a Catholic Dominican university, we embrace all who seek the truth. The Catholic intellectual tradition is inclusive and promotes a rigorous academic life that develops the whole person. We strive to instill a greater purpose for the individual, the community and the world. 

Ohio Dominican is a comprehensive private university with a wide range of undergraduate majors, in-demand graduate programs and flexible offerings for working professionals. In addition to our outstanding liberal arts foundation and traditionally strong academic offerings in Education, Business and Science, ODU has introduced new, in-demand programs. Some of our most recent graduate offerings include programs in Physician Assistant Studies and Healthcare Administration, and some of our recent undergraduate offerings include programs in Risk Management & Insurance and Software Engineering. 

Ohio Dominican has partnered with the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine to offer top high school students a direct path to medical school from ODU. We also offer a direct acceptance option into our own Physician Assistant Studies master’s program.

Complementing this exceptional academic tradition is a closely knit, vibrant campus community, including many active student organizations, extracurricular activities and the region’s only NCAA Division II athletics program.

Ohio Dominican is located in Ohio’s capital city of Columbus: the 14th largest city in the United States and one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the Midwest. Columbus is home to 20 Fortune 1000 companies, five Fortune 500 companies, four nationally recognized health care systems, and an atmosphere that values education and nurtures an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Our campus is just minutes from downtown, offering students easy access to internships and practical experiences that lead to jobs after graduation. Our beautiful campus also is minutes away from Easton Town Center, Central Ohio’s premier shopping and entertainment venue. Columbus has been ranked the fifth-best city for millennials by, fifth-best big city for new grads by and, seventh-best city for jobs by, the ninth-best city for young professionals by Forbes, and the best city in the country for tech workers by

A degree from Ohio Dominican represents a great value at an affordable price. Ohio Dominican’s tuition, room and board expenses are competitively priced among the region’s private universities. When our average financial aid package is calculated, the out-of-pocket expense for many families is comparable to many of Ohio’s public universities. Our tuition and per-hour costs for graduate and adult students also are competitive within the marketplace. But our students get more. They have direct access to dedicated, caring faculty. Students find lasting value in our close-knit campus community, in our new and recently renovated facilities, in the ethical and moral foundation that is fostered in every graduate, and in our proven outcomes beyond graduation.


ODU's Brand Style Guide

The Office of Marketing and Public Relations has developed graphic standards to assist University departments in the use of ODU logos, colors, fonts and other brand elements.

Download Style Guide

Brand Style Guide cover image


The Ohio Dominican University logo is the anchor of our visual identity. 

It taps into the heritage of the ODU brand and is designed to be reflective of our history. The colors of ODU are white, black and gold, a union of the colors of the Dominican Order and the Papacy.The flame signifies the light shining for an unbelieving world to see. Just as light enables sight, a liberal arts education enables insight and human development. The shield is two thirds black and one third white, signifying the habit of the Dominicans.

When space allows, please use the primary Ohio Dominican University logo. When space is limited, you may use the secondary ODU logo.

Ohio Dominican University athletic logos are primarily used by the Athletics Department. The athletic logotype should never be used to replace the official university logotype. 

Choose from the family of Ohio Dominican University athletic logos for all communications relating directly to intercollegiate sports. 

A variety of color combinations using black and yellow (PMS 123) are available for use in promoting various sports, teams and events. 

Note: The yellow (PMS 123) used for athletics is different than the gold (PMS 871) used for the university primary logo.

ODU's athletic logos on a gray backdrop

Color plays a prominent role in all ODU communications and is one of the cornerstones of our visual vocabulary.   

Our primary color palette is vibrant, unique, youthful and appealing, and provides a flexible range for communications to multiple audiences. 

The following color formulas should be used to ensure consistency of color across various platforms. Screens of colors are permitted in certain applications.

Pantone® spot colors and their equivalents for four-color process printing are provided, RGB colors for screen use and hex colors are provided for the web.


University Logo Colors

Pantone 871

CMYK: C:18 M:30 Y:56 K:0
RGB R:211 G:175 B:126

Pantone Black

CMYK: C:30 M:30 Y:30 K:100
RGB R:0 G:0 B:0
HEX: 000000

Primary Colors

Pantone 123

CMYK: C:0 M:22 Y:91 K:0
RGB R:255 G:199 B:44

Pantone Black

CMYK: C:30 M:30 Y:30 K:100
RGB R:0 G:0 B:0
HEX: 000000

University Colors

Pantone 123

CMYK: C:0 M:22 Y:91 K:0
RGB R:255 G:199 B:44

Pantone Black

CMYK: C:30 M:30 Y:30 K:100
RGB R:0 G:0 B:0
HEX: 000000

Accent Colors

Pantone 179

CMYK: C:0 M:87 Y:85 K:0
RGB R:224 G:60 B:49
HEX: E03C31

Pantone 266

CMYK: C:76 M:90 Y:0 K:0
RGB R:117 G:59 B:189

Pantone 7765

CMYK: C:14 M:4 Y:100 K:6
RGB R:187 G:179 B:35

Pantone 131

CMYK: C:2 M:39 Y:100 K:10
RGB R:204 G:138 B:0

Consistent typography enhances and clarifies messaging. Not only does it help our audience get a better sense of institutional identity, it also helps them remember and recognize Ohio Dominican communications. 

One of the key factors in any identity campaign is the use of a specified type family. 

Note: The typefaces displayed should be used at all times. Contact Monica Martin at (614) 251-4514 or with a specific request regarding alternate typefaces. 


ODU typography

ODU has branded PowerPoint templates available for faculty, staff and student use. Download the templates below.

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