Licensing for the Ohio Dominican University Brand

The Office of Marketing & Public Relations regulates the commercial use of the University’s name and all identifying logos and marks.

By overseeing the use of ODU's name, logo and marks, both on and off campus, we ensure the protection of ODU’s reputation and maintain high standards of production and use.

Campus departments, student organizations and external groups frequently purchase merchandise that use University symbols, logos and marks (such as t-shirts, water bottles, mugs, etc.).

Since each of these is an extension of the University’s image, and just as there are standards for print and Web-related materials, there are standards for items available for retail sale or for use by organizations.

Using ODU's Name & Logo

Only campus departments and student organizations that are officially recognized by or are part of the University are allowed to use Ohio Dominican’s logos, symbols and trademarks in conjunction with their name, and in doing so, must have approval by the Office of Marketing & Public Relations prior to use.

The easiest and most efficient way to have your product approved and produced is to use a licensed vendor.

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These pre-approved vendors know how to use ODU's name and logo and can quickly get approval for your product from the Office of Marketing & Public Design.

These licensed vendors pay for the right to produce ODU items, so they carry appropriate liability insurance, know our policies concerning appropriate use of trademarks, can often create designs that will be approved, know whom to contact at the University regarding questions and approvals, and take care of submitting royalties that support a range of needs from scholarships to athletics.

Submit Your Design for Approval

Ohio Dominican gear may be produced only by vendors (licensees) who are under contract with Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), the University’s sole licensing agency.

  • You have a design for a shirt or water bottle or some other gear that includes ODU's name, logo and/or colors.
  • You submit your artwork to an ODU licensed vendor.
  • The vendor sends the artwork to CLC/Ohio Dominican for approval.
  • ODU's Office of Marketing & Public Relations will either:
    • Approve your design, at which time the vendor can begin producing it.
    • Decline your design with recommendations. You can then resubmit your design through the vendor for approval.


We'd be happy to review your design idea before you submit it to the vendor. For campus departments, we can even help you design it. Contact a Marketing & Public Relations team member at to set up a meeting.

You can also contact CLC with any questions:

Andrew Wollner
Manager, Partnerships 
1075 Peachtree Street, Suite 3300 | Atlanta, Georgia 30309

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