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During an emergency, Ohio Dominican will post the most current information on this page. 

Current University Status

Ohio Dominican is operating under normal conditions.

Stay Informed

Call the Student Information Hotline 24/7 at (614) 251-4590 for campus information.

ODU Alert sign up

  • Emergency Response Plan

    Ohio Dominican University (ODU) is committed to supporting the safety and welfare of all its students, faculty, staff and visitors. Preparing and maintaining an effective Emergency Response Plan, as well as allocating the required resources to implement it, are among the ways the University maintains this commitment and mission.

    Download Emergency Response Plan PDF

  • Winter Weather Policy

    Ohio Dominican University will always seek to remain open if possible, but the safety of our students, faculty, and staff will be our primary concern in the decision to close or remain open.  

    Snow & Extreme Weather 

    If the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office declares a Level 3 snow emergency (emergency vehicle traffic only), Ohio Dominican will close and classes will be cancelled. 

    In cases of extreme weather in which a Level 3 snow emergency is not declared, we may still decide to cancel classes or close the University and dismiss personnel based upon a careful assessment of current weather conditions, temperature and forecasts.  

    Please keep in mind that the cancelling of University classes during daytime hours does not necessarily include Adult & Continuing Education or other evening classes. Look for separate announcements regarding the status of evening classes. If the University is closed, all events also will be cancelled.   

    It is unlikely for ODU to close because of cold weather alone. Unlike K-12 schools in the area, our students and staff are adults, and are capable of preparing themselves for inclement weather and altering their schedules if needed.  

    Since our students pay directly for their education, we are obliged to provide that education as promised as long as weather conditions do not pose a safety threat to students and staff.

    In other words, our job is to keep the University open

    Notice of Closing or Delay 

    The announcement of ODU’s closing or delay will be communicated in the following ways:
    • A One Call Now message will be sent to all registered phone numbers, e-mail addresses and text-message accounts.

      If you are not sure that your phone number is current, please check with the Registrar’s Office in Erskine Hall 142 or email: registrar@ohiodominican.edu.

      To receive text alerts, send a text message to 22300 with the word ALERT in the subject line.
    • Information will be shared with area news media by Ohio Dominican’s Marketing and Public Relations staff.  
    • Information will be posted on the home page of the University's website at www.ohiodominican.edu
    • ODU’s Facebook and Twitter accounts will be updated immediately upon notification.

      To have this information show up in your Facebook timeline, visit Ohio Dominican’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/OhioDominican and click “like.”

      For updates on Twitter, visit twitter.com/ohiodominican and click “follow.”   
    • You may also check on the status of the University by calling the Student Information Hotline at 614-251-4590.