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ODU Alert is a tool that ODU Public Safety uses to notify the campus community of an ongoing emergency.

The system can make contact via text messaging or voice recording over cell phones and landlines. During an emergency, other standard forms of notification may include ODU e-mail and campus telephones. One or all of these methods may be used depending on the situation. 

Contact the Student Information Hotline 24/7 at (614) 251-4590 for campus information.
  • How does ODU Alert work?
    During emergencies or university closures, an automated ODU Alert message will be sent to all registered phone numbers and your ODU email address.

    Phone calls will come from (614) 251-4590 with the latest update.

    If you would prefer to receive text message alerts instead, text "ALERT" to 22300 from your registered phone number.
  • How do I register for ODU Alert?
    Students, faculty and staff are automatically registered based on information from the University's information system. 
  • How do I verify which phone number is registered?
    • Log in to ODU Online
    • Click on "NEW! Colleague Self-Service"
    • Click on User Options (bottom icon on the left-hand side of the Self-Service profile)
    • Select "User Profile" to view your profile
    • Scroll down to "Phone Numbers" to verify or update your preferred phone number
  • How do I activate text notifications?
    To sign up to receive a text message alert, text the word "ALERT" to 22300 from your registered phone number. Your phone number must be updated first with ODU.
  • Does ODU test the ODU Alert system?
    ODU's Public Safety Department anticipates testing the ODU Alert systems at least twice per year.

    We will make every effort to notify the campus community in advance of the test via e-mail.

    As with all text message alerts, each subscriber is responsible for any charges from their cellular provider that is associated with receiving text messages.
  • When will you deactivate my subscription?
    Your subscription will remain active as long as you are registered for classes or are employed at ODU.  

    You can opt-out of the service at anytime at www.onecallnow.com/corporate/opt-out.

    You also have the ability to opt out of phone calls by pressing "0" at the end of an alert. 
  • Can I opt-out?
    Everyone is automatically registered for ODU Alert, however you can opt-out. 

    If you choose to opt-out, you will not receive emergency notifications via phone or text messages. You will continue to receive alerts via our other methods such as campus e-mail. However, we strongly encourage you to remain registered.

    You can opt-out of the service at anytime at www.onecallnow.com/corporate/opt-out

    You also have the ability to opt-out of phone calls by pressing "0" at the end of an alert. 
  • Is there a charge for ODU Alert?
    Is there a charge to my student account for subscribing to the ODU Alert system?

    Ohio Dominican University does not charge the subscriber a fee. Standard phone charges apply from your phone carrier.