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Ohio Dominican is committed to providing a safe campus for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Public Safety Officers patrol the ODU campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but we also encourage you to watch out for yourself and others to help contribute to a safe campus environment.

Contact an officer on duty anytime at (614) 251-4700.  

For emergency notices and weather advisories, visit ohiodominican.edu/Emergency.

All ODU Public Safety Officers complete a basic training program and periodic in-service training. All officers are certified in CPR, First Aid and Bloodbourne Pathogens.

Public Safety Officers enforce university rules and policies and work with local police in criminal matters. Any crime that occurs on campus should be immediately reported to the Public Safety Department. Public Safety Officers are first responders to criminal, fire and medical emergencies. Please follow their directions and those of the civil authorities during any emergency situation.

The Public Safety Department works very closely with the Columbus Police Department and all criminal complaints are referred to the Columbus Police Department for further investigation. In addition, the Public Safety Department Administration attends bimonthly Columbus Police Department Zone 5 meetings, where information relevant to the surrounding area of ODU is discussed and shared to further assist in our efforts to maintain a safe environment.

While Ohio Dominican's Public Safety Department works closely with the Columbus Police Department, the university has no written agreements with any law enforcement agency.

Public Safety Staff