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Peak tornado season in Ohio is generally April through July, but tornadoes can and have occurred at any time, during any season. 
ODU has designated locations on campus to shelter in during a tornado watch or warning. You may or may not hear tornado sirens; always follow the instructions of Public Safety personnel.

Safe Areas by Building

These areas on campus have been designated as safe areas to gather during a tornado or severe weather situation.
  • Alumni Hall – 1st floor locker rooms or hallway outside of the locker rooms.
  • Aquinas – If you are in a 1st floor room, stay in your room, get under desks or bed. If you are on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor, go to stairwells or 1st floor hallways..
  • Battelle Hall – 1st floor restrooms and storage spaces.
  • Bishop James A. Griffin Student Center – 1st floor in the food service hallway/ dock area.
  • East Campus Building - 1st floor interior hallways.
  • Erskine Hall – Panther Plaza near stairwell NOT where there is the high ceiling and interior hallways.
  • Fitness Center – Locker rooms.
  • Fitzpatrick – Basement as close to the west end of the building as possible, not in stairwell.
  • Guzman – Basement.
  • Guzman Annex – Basement.
  • Hamilton Hall - Interior kitchens.
  • Las Casas – Basement.
  • Lynam – 1st floor north end of building.
  • Physical Plant – Main hallway with the doors closed.
  • Sansbury – 1st floor western hallway with the doors closed.
  • Siena – If you are in a 1st floor room, stay in your room, get under desks or bed. If you are on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floors, go to stairwells and 1st floor hallways.
  • Spangler – Bottom floor outside of the LVC..
  • St. Albert’s – 1st floor in the storage areas and restrooms. If unavailable, then interior hallway with doors closed.
  • Wehrle – Bottom floor, ceramics room. If closed, go near restrooms or in photo lab.

These locations are NOT safe to be in during a tornado.

You must exit these locations, move toward the lowest ground possible and get down if a tornado touch-down seems likely. 

  • Batting Building – Get out and head down to the baseball field (ditch).
  • Maintenance Garage – Get out and head towards the creek. 
  • SRC – Get out and head toward the creek. 

AED (automated external defibrillator) Locations

  • Alumni Hall – Stairwell to coach’s offices (owned by Athletic Department).
  • Alumni Hall – In Fitness Center.
  • Bishop James A. Griffin Student Center – On wall outside the Public Safety Office.
  • East Campus Building – 1st floor on wall across from restrooms.
  • Erskine Hall – On wall outside Room 133.
  • Fitzpatrick Hall – On pillar in front of the Fishbowl.
  • Spangler Learning Center – On pillar on main floor east side of building.
  • SRC – In Training Room (owned by Athletic Department).