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ODU's Celebrating Leadership Awards recognize the achievements of individual students, faculty and staff and student organizations.
  • 2017 Celebrating Leadership Awards
    Monday, May 1st at 3:30 p.m.
This annual event recognizes leadership in action across campus, as recognized by the campus community. The Selection Committee will review all nominations and choose the award recipients.

Student Awards

  • Outstanding Leadership in Community Service Award
    This award recognizes the student(s) who has devoted significant time and attention to service that enriches and transforms the lives of others at Ohio Dominican, in the Columbus area, or in the global community.

    • Demonstrated exceptional servant-leadership in the planning and implementation of a specific service activity/program in the past year – on campus or off. 
    • Devotion to reaching out, listening, and serving others in some way on a daily basis 
    • Service to the Ohio Dominican Community through work, co-curricular service endeavors, volunteering for specific projects and events, outreach to the Dominican Sisters, involvement with Charles School, or other programs that serve the Ohio Dominican Community 
    • Significant contributions to serving the 43219 community or a special group within the local, national, or international community by virtue of his/her involvement and empowerment of others. 
  • Diversity Action Award
    The Diversity Action Award acknowledges and honors the efforts of a student who strives to promote understanding and appreciation of diversity in its multitude of forms at Ohio Dominican University.

    The Nominee must have demonstrated outstanding commitment to the value of diversity; demonstrated outstanding efforts to promote an environment free from bias and discrimination; and worked to provide the university community with an experience rich in perspectives and opportunities to learn from each other.
  • Dominican Spirit Award
    This award recognizes an outstanding student who, in his or her daily life, exemplifies excellence in living out the Dominican motto, to contemplate truth and to share with others the fruits of this contemplation, both inside and outside the classroom.

    This student consistently reflects what being Dominican is all about - a commitment to the pursuit of truth leading to a life of service.

    • Spirit of Study, Prayer and Reflection: Demonstrates a love for learning and the ability to be grounded in study and reflection 
    • Spirit of Integrity: Individual’s beliefs and values are incorporated in his/her ethics, attitude and interactions with others, work and play, and overall contributions to campus life at Ohio Dominican 
    • Spirit of Community: Fosters community through hospitality, dialogue and service that enriches the Ohio Dominican Community and is a positive representative of ODU in other communities.
  • Emerging Leader Award
    This award is presented to the student who has shown the most promise of leadership and demonstrated progress towards achieving his or her leadership potential through involvement in the ODU community.
  • Outstanding Leader Awad
    This award is established to recognize an Ohio Dominican University student in the area of leadership based on the individual’s self-knowledge as a leader and their leadership competence, capabilities and effectiveness.

    • Minimum of 32 credit hours completed at Ohio Dominican University. 
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. 
    • Strong record of leadership at Ohio Dominican University as demonstrated through personal development, citizenship, and/or engagement in the ODU or broader community.
  • Student Organization Member of the Year
    This award is presented to the student organization member who has shown dedication to the organization and has consistently gone above the call of duty.

    Considered factors include motivating others, being a role model, undertaking numerous tasks and projects, being a team player, and maintaining a positive attitude.
  • Panther Pride
    The recipient of this award treasures his or her own education and at the same time is selfless in thinking of future ODU generations.

    They serve the campus community in a variety of roles, but specifically serve as a model of school spirit, hard work, and dedication to our community.

Student Organization & Program Awards

  • Most Improved Student Organization Award
    This award is presented to the student organization that has overcome challenges within the organization, significantly increased membership and interest, and has made significant strides towards achieving their mission and goals.
  • Program of the Year
    This award is presented to the most outstanding program of the year sponsored by a university group, department, or student organization.

    Considered factors include enriching the campus community through social, cultural, educational, and/or philanthropic programming.
  • Student Organization of the Year
    This award is presented to the student organization that has been a shining example to other organizations throughout the year.

    Considered factors are based upon all aspects of organizational responsibility, including, but not limited to:
    • successful recruiting;
    • organization management;
    • active participation of membership;
    • quality of programming;
    • education of the campus; and
    • and impact on the community.

Faculty & Staff Awards

  • Bishop James A. Griffin Exemplary Staff Member Award
    Bishop James A. Griffin has made substantial contributions to the Ohio Dominican Community. In recognition of his extensive contributions the Bishop Griffin Exemplary Staff Member Award will be awarded to a staff member who is considered to exemplify the qualities and traits of Bishop Griffin, both as a community member and as a leader.

    The qualities that Bishop Griffin exemplifies include: humility, trust, vision, charisma, empathy, and a Christ Centered approach in all he does. Bishop, who is personable and focuses on mission, sees his work as a calling by God to serve others, and serves with a commitment to living the faith and mission of the Catholic Church.

    As a leader of integrity, Bishop has always recognized and been compassionate to those who he worked with, creating a positive and loving atmosphere.

    It is the intention of this award to recognize a staff member who lives and represents the above mentioned qualities in their work and service to the ODU community.
  • David B. Erwin Jr. Student Organization Advisor of the Year
    This award is presented to the student organization advisor who has been very active and supportive of the organization’s co-curricular development and activities.

    Considered factors include:
    • advisor’s accessibility and availability
    • active participation at meetings and events
    • knowledge of the organization and University
    • challenging the organization to grow and develop
    • offering support on an ongoing basis